Lectric bikes - Love 'em and wish we had have done them sooner!

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We had been looking at ebikes for well over a year when we finally pulled the trigger and bought the Lectric bike brand. Wow, so much fun for $995 (on Black Friday special). I've ridden mine 153 miles since receiving in October and they are a blast. I've taken it over rocks, desert dirt, Galveston beach, many parks and it's been well worth the money. We sold the traditional bikes and bike rack and replaced with a bike rack that is more durable for the back of the Solitude. It's also quick to detach and put on the truck when you are at a park for a while. We rode through Sedona, all across Camp Verde, Tucson (epic city wide bike path), Galveston, Jamaica Beach (the best ride yet) and they are so convenient.

I put saddle bags on so I can zip over to the local market or gas station to haul back groceries, DEF or big packages from the RV office. Best ride thus far was 15 miles on the Jamaica Beach and got back with power to spare. I wish we would have bought these sooner!

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