Axle alignment

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I have a Solitude 310 GK and an issue with axle alignment. Recently I had a leaf spring on the driver's side rear replaced and today I note that the gap between the tires on the curbside is about 2 inches, (maybe 3), wider than the gap on the driver's side. The drivers side rear tire appears to be wearing more on the outside. It makes me think the axles are not aligned. The equaflex makes me believe the new leaf spring is longer than the original. See in the attachment how the silver-colored hanger on the rear is nearly vertical? Normally the silver colored hangers are angled out from the yellow area in a "Y".

I am on the road driving from Phoenix to Jackson Hole WY and in Salt Lake City at the time of this writing. I'm considering loosening the U bolts that hold the axle to the leaf spring and moving the axle back about an inch, retightening the U bolt and finish my trip. Get the real work done when I get back home in 6 weeks. I'm keeping an eye on tire wear.

Any suggestions are welcome!



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    you posted this in the blog section, if you want replies and for it to be seen by a wider audience please post in the forum area

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