Blaster 84

Leaking Window or something else???

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We discovered we have a water leak at the kitchen window when it rains.
I removed the window and put a new gasket under the frame and recaulked the upper half of the frame when it was reinstalled. There is a gap in the rubber gasket for the glass, which is at the top of the window. I understand that is the wrong place for it but I hesitate to removing the glass so I sealed that gap. The slideout has a topper so it's not llikely the roof. The range vent, which is above the window has a good seal aorund it.
When had our first rain last night since repair and the counter top was wet this morning.
The RV is in storage and no water is available for testing purposes.
Does anyone have any suggestions??


  1. Second Chance's Avatar
    I would suggest you post questions in the appropriate sub-forum rather than in your blog. Other members will see it and can respond to you questions on the forum.


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