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2022 reflection factory solar issues

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Hello friends, I need some help trouble shooting my solar. Quick back round;

Wife and I set up our new Reflection about 3 weeks ago at our property. Everything worked great. The solar was charging, maintained between 11.5-12.3 volts on the panel, the % stayed about 88 or so.It would drain down and charge back up to 100% so I know it was operating correctly. It ran our entire RV for 3 full days with no issues.
While closing up camp (we leave the RV at the property but close up the slides and awnings) the solar system drained to the point of not being able to suck in the slides. I fired up the generator and finished the job. I figured we just drained the battery and it would charge back up. I was also wondering why my two deep cycle batteries didn't take over...

Fast forward to last weekend. I assumed it would be all charged up and ready. Nope. The battery % was at zero and the volt meter at 8.3. I checked the inverter, it is flashing green light like the manual says it should and its a solid orange light showing lithium.(?)
I looked at the fuses, there is nothing labelled anything to do with the solar. I assumed I popped a fuse when I put a heavy load on it closing the slides. The 110 breakers are not tripped either.

What else could this be? It is a royal pain to hook up and bring it back to town to have it looked at. Our property is almost 80 miles from the nearest town with a service center.
I called a GD dealership today, they are not excepting new clients due to lack of technicians available.
They recommended me to ask GD warranty department to authorize a mobile service tech to come out to our property.


  1. Steve & Katey's Avatar
    I suggest getting a multimeter and testing at various points along the solar panel to solar controller to battery and battery to other components to determine what is going wrong. A meter that can measure current (clamp style meter) would be beneficial to have. On closing your slides, the solar power is not going to directly feed the slides, that power will come from the battery and then the solar panels/controller will recharge the batteries over time. I have seen several reports from other GD owners that the solar controller has issues with resetting the battery charging configuration once the panels stop providing power at night.

    Also, you may get more feedback and help posting this in the forum area instead of as a blog post.
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  2. Team Doumee's Avatar
    Thank you Steve. For some reason I can not post on the forum side here. I am certain it is user error but I will try to figure it out.
    Thanks for your feedback.

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