Memorial Day

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We are out again. This time to Colonial Beach in VA. The campground is a smaller facility but our site is huge. Have the fiver, a 9'x14' tent two vechiles, and seven chairs spread out around. Three of our grandchildren (and their parents) are with us this trip. The door of the trailer is certainly getting a workout this trip.

Other reflections and musings on this holiday weekend. Being a retired veteran these holidays always are a time of reflection. I have friends who are no longer with us because they gave all they had. Not all loses are in wartime. Being retired Coast Guard I have lost more in peacetime doing their jobs of saving lives than anywhere else.

Then there are those who are still with us but are forever changed. Be it PTSD or a physical issue. Service leaves it marks on all of us in one way or another. As you enjoy your holiday please thank or at least think of those who have served. I can attest that Freedom isn't free.
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  1. Steve and Cill's Avatar
    Well said David. "All gave some, some gave all!" The ones that gave all is what this Memorial Day is all about. I think it was Gen. Patton that once said, "Do not mourn the loss of these men, but thank GOD that such Great Men lived."
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