Narrow Roads and Vegetables

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Some of the narrowest roads I have ever seen are here in the Smokies. They will put your driving skills to the test. We had to cross a bridge yesterday that gave clearance of about a foot on either side of the mirrors. We did not have our 337 on the back but geeesh! We were close to the side of the bridge and on- coming traffic. The bridge on I-40 near Pigeon Forge was really close. It is under construction and I bet there was not 6 inches clearance on either side of the mirrors.

If staying in or near the Smokies make sure to stop at the roadside markets and pickup some of the super fresh fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes as big as softballs, apples as sweet as sugar and cantaloupe that melts in your mouth. Most everyone on this site gets vegetables like this -- Texas heat prevents us getting local tomatoes like these. Unbelievably good!


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