Mackinac City

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One more item to check of the bucket list.

1300 miles later we pulled into to Mackinac Mill Creek Campground about 4 hours ago. It was a beautiful drive and Michigan is a such a gorgeous state. We stopped at Hubbard Lake to visit relatives and then on up here to Mackinac. Hubbard Lake is incredible. Wouldn't want to be here in the Winter but it is really nice now!

For those that care --14.3 mpg and approaching 6k miles on the China bombs. (Yup...living on the edge.)

We are going to the island tomorrow...anybody got suggestions on places to go and see?


  1. CentralMichBo's Avatar
    Oh my goodness - there is so much to do in the area! Besides the island, Sault Ste. Marie is just an hour to the North. The Soo Locks, ship tours, freighter watching, to name a few in the Soo area. If you are going to be in the area for a while, the drive from Cross Village to Harbor Beach is beautiful any time of the year. Many places to visit in that general area - Petoskey, Charlevoix, in the UP there is Paradise, Whitefish Point all within an hour and a half of Mill Creek. We are camping at Wilderness State Park in two weeks and can't wait.
  2. Justaguy's Avatar
    thanks for the suggestions. I think we'll be staying about 3 weeks up here and then head over to Minnesota.we're going to the Upper Peninsula for 2 weeks. Will be sure to check things out.
  3. Dave and Monica's Avatar
    I'll have to follow you're travels. We're planning on visiting Minnesota, Wisconsin and UP Michigan Sept/Oct after the rally in Elkhart.

  4. CentralMichBo's Avatar
    UP spots last fall - Tahquamenom Falls, shoreline drive from Grand Maris to Munising, Pictured Rocks, Marquette, Houghton-Hancock area, Copper Harbor, Lake of the Clouds, Ironwood. We have a cabin near DeTour Village in the East end of the UP so I get to spend a lot of time up there.
  5. 2hams's Avatar
    Sounds great! We are planning to visit that area for a few weeks on the way to the rally. How is the campground?
  6. Justaguy's Avatar
    Campground is nice...very nice slots if you know what to look for and can book ahead. We are in the 904 slot. Very nice but was initially going to be crammed into slot 92. NO BUENO. Those slots are for TT and pop-ups. Tiny and your next door neighbor was 10 away -- 2 of those 10 are taken up by slides on either side. They were able to put us in 904. 900s are is very nice and only a short walk to the water.

    It is a campground and not an RV park and it is huge. They're a lot of tent campers and be watchful of the little kiddos --many blind corners. Try to come early as the later in the afternoon seems to back up traffic into the campground out on the hwy. Besides that...the weather is so nice. A real July treat for Texas folks.
  7. CaptMike's Avatar
    Hey Justaguy. Why wouldn't you want to be in Northern Michigan in the winter? It's great up here then also! We rode our snowmobiles out to Mack Island last winter, first time for me. Lots of fun stuff to do in the winter. We plan on camping in our Reflection in January and February as we keep the camper set up at our spot at Canada Creek Ranch. Great spot for snowshoeing and skiing also....I'm probably too late answering you, but if you're still in the area a bike ride around the Island is a must. 119 over by Cross Village is fantastic, but even better in the fall. And you have to get to the Soo Locks or Rogers City to check out those Ore Freighters! Maybe if you're lucky you'll get to see the Str Cason J Callaway ( my boat)......
  8. Justaguy's Avatar
    Hey Cap'n,

    Thanks for the info! We left MI a couple of weeks ago. We did go to Mack Island, Soo and Rogers City. We went across the UP. Man, what a great time. We stayed at Jack Pine Lodge RV Park up there. In talking with the owners and managers, I got to see some pictures of your winter fun. What a blast! We may have to give it a go one of these Winters. You really crossed that lake on a snowmobile to Mackinaw Island!? ---cajones'!

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