what i did on my summer vacation Part II

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Well three days into camp and things are moving along. We have 65 main campers here who have come from not only Virginia but also Ohio and North Carolina. I enjoy doing this every year. Here are a couple of more picture of what the team of girls that I am working with have accomplished so far. It may not seem like much, but they have learned how to use power tools, set the slope on a ramp, ensure decks are not only level, but also square. They had to sink a 6x6 post through concrete so they learned a lot. The first picture is of what we started with and the last picture is where we ended up today. Not bad considering the weather.
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  1. mandolin57's Avatar
    It's all about teamwork! Looks like they got it.....good leader probably! :)
  2. dloase's Avatar
    not bad for a guy who teaches weapon systems for the rest of the year

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