Is it misleading or is it an out right lie?

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The drive. The long, long laborious drive. Around and down, and then up and down then around again. I don't know which is worse - the straight line interstate that goes on forever or the endless curves and incessant rumble of broken asphalt on county roads.

The idea of parking the rig for a night or five seems almost palatable when I think of the park lot I booked a week ago. I think of the things I am going to do. But first I got to set up and maybe get a little supper as it is getting late. I will go to bed early, that's for sure. I'll get up and hit the fishing early or get the bike ride out of the way. I hope I put that bottle of beer in the fridge this morning.)

Ah, the last mile. I push the diesel a little faster as the sun starts to set. Finally, the rv park is in sight. Wow! The place looks just like the website. I park in the registration space and get out of a large truck that seems to get larger with each passing mile. The nagging back ache is back but nothing a good nights rest wont cure.

The front desk seems new and the elderly work-camper seems happy to be there. . . . . or here, depending on ones point of view. The pens with flowers on them seem new too along with the smell of fresh manilla- vanilla paint. The nice lady tells me where our slot is as she points to a black spot on a park map that is along way from the other black spots on the map. I wonder out load why our spot is so far from the other spots. The not so nice lady tells me that the other spots are seasonal and privately held slots. I notice that all of those slots are all in the very cool part of the park -- you know, the slots that are in the pictures on the park website.

A knot starts to form in the pit of my stomach as the old hag commences to tell me that we'll be in the overflow with all of the others that are not full timers or "owners". Funny, they never said any of that on the phone and they don't show ANY overflow sites on-line. The only thing they show on-line is the pretty pictures of lush grass with concrete pads and lake sites. (Those are the owners and seasonal spots, you know.) They also don't show they dirt lot with weeds that we'll be parked in.

This is a "premium" RV park and I get the good fortune of paying a premium price for the not so premium space.

What to do. . . pitch a fit at 8:30 pm, tell them they are a bunch of liars and spend the night at Walmart with my wife staring holes through me? Or, stay one night and let them take my 25% cancellation fee. Either way, I lose.

I know what I did in the good interest of staying married. Now, what would you do?

(Good Sam? 10-9.5-10) No, not a bible verse...I was a cussin' them though.


  1. mandolin57's Avatar
    Justaguy....laughing...not at you, with you! In our case...I would have been the one pitching the fit, and my husband would have said...let it go. :) It's good we have at least one with a voice of reason!
  2. Boomer's Avatar
    I think that some of these things are actually both! They mislead us by telling a lie. We were 1000 miles away from home in LaConner WA with reservations at a TT. We are not members and found out that they have a special area for "non-members". But we lucked out as their season had not started yet so they gave us a good spot. We later found out that the general public spots only had water and electricity and are on dirt and are so close that you can hear your neighbors conversation. Moral of the story is read as many CG reviews and ask as many questions as possible before making reservation.
  3. Justaguy's Avatar
    Sometimes I let it eat at me because they know what they are doing. Once you get there it is too late to try and find someplace else. You have to laugh and try to ask more questions the next time. This place billed itself as a Luxury RV Park with this and that. There are many amenities but they are not for the regular folks. They never mention a word until you sign in.
  4. dloase's Avatar
    Sounds all too familiar. I know there are parks that I won't be back to use because of this very thing.

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