Trip postponed

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We had to shelf our long wander until next year
Today we'd of started off the trip and of been camping on the shore of Lk Superior. BUT nope, I had to do something stupid and broke my wrist which required surgery.

Just finished my 2nd week of OT, 2 more for sure and it could go up to another 4 wks after that so we shelved the big trip till next year.

Looks like we get to take a much shorter trip and will wander east and see where we end up with no real plan. Soak in the fall colors and make the best of it.


  1. DennisK's Avatar
    Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  2. CentralMichBo's Avatar
    So sorry Whittleburner - aging is not for the faint of heart (quote from my 97 year old Aunt) - now you can go to the Rally!! Get well - get your calcium -
  3. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Thanks for the well wishes Dennis and Bo.
    We have considered the rally as a starting point. Still have to play the wait & see when the therapy will be over to commit to anything. Might have to be a last min decision.
    I'm just glad we decided to do the West trip on the fly and not micro manage it. Only had ressies for the first few weeks before Labor Day so cancellation fees were kept to a minimum.
  4. 2hams's Avatar
    Sorry about your wrist. Get well.
  5. Dave and Monica's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your broken wrist. Monica broke hers last March but we were able to go on our planned trip in May/June with it still in a removable cast. She was fortunate that the break wasn't displaced as it sounds like yours was. Hope that you're still able to enjoy camping though not the long trip you planned.

  6. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Thanks to both of you. Dave, we did get a week in over the 4th while I was still in a cast. Plus one night of camp driveway. I'm happy that Monicas break wasn't severe. either way time in a cast is not fun and really does a
    number to your poor uninjured hand.
    Not likely to camp again until therapy is over, most of the closer campgrounds are all booked up.

    But soon as they spring me we'll hit the road and enjoy life while watching the leaves start to change. Fall is my favorite time to camp
  7. KZ's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of your broken wrist as well as your delayed trip. Get well soon and we'll see you on the road somewhere.

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