Pikes Peak Pucker

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I really don't remember Pikes Peak being that steep or that FREAKING SCARY driving up it. We were driving up and the first half wasn't that bad, it's the second half that had me wondering how we were ever going to make it down. I swear, the front end of the truck was hanging over the edge by 10 inches as the wheels turned on the pavement. I don't remember being on a road that steep and there wasn't anything but air between us and 500 feet of rock below. Holy crap! Going up there was a !@#@!! I starting getting a headache from the altitude and Cindy was starting to have a nervous breakdown. 19 miles and 45 minutes later we finally made it to the top. My head was pounding, my heart was racing and I was starting to rationalize how long it would take to walk down. Cindy was fully into her nervous breakdown at this point and the 'World Famous Donuts' and coffee weren't having the desired effect.

We were 14,101 ft above sea level and a 14,101 ft above a bad idea of a day trip. There were a lot of people up there -- maybe a hundred or so. I looked around and began to calm myself with my 3rd cup of coffee as I laughed at myself and my shaking hand.

My truck has an exhaust brake so coming down made things a little easier...Cindy's full arrest was easing but it was the passengers side turn now. We made it to the halfway point/brake check station. Our brakes were great but our nerves were shot. We went into the little gift shop and had another cup of coffee and a celebration piece of fudge. We drove back down to the bottom relieved that we had completed something that wasn't on anyone's bucket list.

Later she asked if I was nervous....I said "No way, I am Colorado born and bred..Rock Mountain High ..yee - haw" and "I've been up there a million times" ....

....she never knew what I did with the underwear.


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