The Journey Continues (uneventfully)

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We made it from Maine to Ohio! We now have 6,500 miles on the 337, and it's holding up well. We took a drive from Ohio to middlebury so we could pick up the parts for the awning, and take a tour of the factory. OMG! That factory is impressive. I've worked in manufacturing for 30 years, so I have quite a bit of experience on how a factory should run. These guys are good. They are working hard and smart. The assemblers are motivated and I've never seen workers hussle as much as thes guys and gals.

The temporary fix we did to the awning did not budge. But I still wanted it repaired per GD's procedures. It took about 10 minutes to drill the holes and install the rivets. They held tightly and I don't think I'll have another problem with the awning.

We had a massive rain storm last night in Ohio, and we had zero leaks. That was the first time the rig saw some heavy rain while we had the slides out.

As I've posted on the forum, we've had our share of early problems with the rig that needed to be resolved, but now that we've worked through them, we've seen nothing but rock solid performance.

We're now up to 11.3 MPG overall. Our next few stops will be Nashville, New Orleans and Houston.


  1. lajones's Avatar
    I've been reading along with your trip and it sounds like a grand adventure! We are north of Baton Rouge so if you stop anywhere near let us know, we can meet for dinner or something.
  2. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    I've been reading along too, thinking this would of been us too if things had happened differently this summer. So I'm really enjoying seeing someone else making the best of a long journey.

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