Ever think a it just isn't meant to be??

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I got the all clear from my occupational therapist, long as I continue to do work at home to rehab the wrist/hand and we started to look at next Wed as a departure date, things are looking up. THEN.......

Then the 90 year rainfall from hell came and deposited 3 feet of water into our basement Monday night Now we are dealing with a huge clean up and sterilization. Wash and bleach the floors and walls.
Repaint (needed to do that a long time ago) We have never flooded before. The pile for garbage pick up is amazing, wood shelving, etc that got water logged.
It's times like this I'm glad we have a small basement and have no carpet or rec room stuff down there. Amazingly so far the water heater is still working, now we need to test the furnace and my band saw.
The washer & dryer both came on so we need to make sure they do their cycles right. First we have to reinstall the laundry tub that floated away.
So other than a long tedious clean up we may have escaped luckier than many in the area. This is just another sign we were not meant to take that long, long journey this summer.

SO now we are thinking this is getting a little to close to Labor Day weekend and we should wait till Labor day to leave seeing as we have no reservations any place.


  1. DennisK's Avatar
    So sorry to hear about your misfortune. As I always say "Days like this make me appreciate the good days".
  2. mandolin57's Avatar
    I'm a firm believer that things work out for a reason, and although you don't see it now.....down the road it might be very clear. Hang in there....it will just make finally getting out there, all the better!
  3. TucsonJim's Avatar
    Dang - We need to get you on the road my friend. Hope you get through this quickly so you can start using that pretty new fifth wheel!
  4. Justaguy's Avatar
    I'm like Mandolin, things happen for a reason....just think if you had been out, miles and miles from home and the rains came. It was good that you were there to make sure the damage was mitigated.

    All in good time. First things first -- you'll enjoy it all the more. Let us know where you make reservations.
  5. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    We made reservations for the G D Rally this afternoon, should have everything well in hand by then. We came to the conclusion that all the delays were pointing us there. I agree all things happen for a reason.
    Maybe we avoided more disasters than the flooded basement??
    It would have been much worse having to hitch up and head home from Glacier (that's where we'd of been this week) to deal with flooding.
  6. 2hams's Avatar
    Sorry about the flooding. Certainly you were lucky not to have been on the road.

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