Concerned 2015 293RES Reflection rookies

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Purchased our first RV 6/30/2014 and was looking forward to memories that begin with a New 2015 293RES Reflection. After bringing it home we began making a list of minor problems issues to addressed by dealer after a new kitchen faucet was ordered to replace the original faucet because of a steady drip. Two weeks later faucet replaced, saw dust removed from shower skylight, kitchen pendant light straightened, hutch middle drawer slides put on order, dinning chair leg cracked and put on order, and mattress quilting pulling apart and put on order. Everything fixed or put on order. In the mean time we go on our first camp out to Jellystone camp ground in Sturgeon Bay, WI without any concerns with the trailer. Two weeks after our return RV dealer calls to set up a time to replace chair, drawer slides, and mattress. While preparing trailer to take to dealer I discover that water had leaked in at the headboard end of the bed. Upon inspecting the roof of trailer I discovered that the sealant around bedroom vent had cracked and deteriorated and that the sealant around TV antenna was beginning to do the same. No one at dealer has seen this problem and now the rubber roof has to be replaced. Has anyone else had this problem? Everyone should take a look at roof hardware sealant also. I'm also concerned about possible structure damage to roof and wall insulation and structures?

I'm thankful for finding it before we hit the road for NC the end of September. We do love our 293 Reflection but are growing concerned about this latest issue.

Terry and Cathy
293RES Reflection


  1. TucsonJim's Avatar
    I too have a long list of items that needed repairing. There we're three primary reasons we purchased a Reflection. 1 - Floorplan vs. weight, 2 - Appearance of the unit, and 3 - Grand Design's reputation for building a quality product.

    We still love the floorplan for a rig in this weight class. The Reflection still looks nice after 7,500 miles too. However, I think GD has lost the recipe for quality. Yes, they have good customer service, but I'd much rather have a unit that doesn't require frequent repairs and customer service calls.

    There's another element that gives the customer confidence in the unit. That is the service you obtain at the dealership after the sale. Sadly, my dealer (Lazydays) has the worst service department I've ever dealt with in 25+ years of RV ownership.

    Good luck on your roof fix, and I hope you don't experience too many more quality problems with your 293.

  2. pauliwalnutz's Avatar
    That's a long list of issues for a new trailer. I too would be concerned about how much damage might be done that you can't see? I have washed my roof once and didn't notice any issues but I will be taking a much closer look tomorrow. My 293RES will also be going back to the dealer in October to fix a bunch of things. I find it unacceptable to have so many issues for these units.
  3. Boomer's Avatar
    We have a 303RLS, it is S/N #205. We picked our unit up in Jan. 2014 and began using it in March. We have not had a long list of issues and have not had it back to the dealer. I will say that the issues have been serious and all have been OEM related. Landing gear, propane regulator, major electrical short in one of the slides, water heater, TV. I was able to fix them all with the help of JD and parts supplied with no questions asked. We have gone out the last couple of times and experienced NO problems. This makes me think that there will be issues when you have a multi-system complex product such as these. Time will tell if they last!
  4. campinfool's Avatar
    We have camped 32 nights in our 337RLS and the dealer has had it for 49 nights since we picked it up on May 2nd. We have had three week long trips that ended with spoiled food and had to use coolers. We have not had one trip that something did not break. It is headed back to the dealer for the refrigerator for the fourth time not to mention the safety handle on the stairs twice, shower leaked three times, sewer smell twice and still not fixed, pantry door will not stay closed, wheel bearings and seals due to grease leaking out, kitchen drawer will not stay closed while traveling, and a few other things that I repaired myself. Love the camper but it is not living up to all of the happy talk that was floating around this forum before we bought it. I have requested that the refrigerator be replaced with something other than an Atwood unit, waiting for an answer from GD. Good luck with your repairs.

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