Maxxis not Maximus

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After much thought and watching 'Gladiator', Russell Crow got me thinking about those danged tires again. I have also seen 3 5th wheels and 2 TT with extensive side and fender skirt damage from jacked up tire blow-outs.

We are headed to Mesa in January and the thought of changing out one of those on the side of I-40 really didn't give me a thrill.

To be fair - those Westlake tires never once gave me an ounce of trouble. The most I had to do to them was add 5 pounds of air to 2 of them somewhere in the middle of
West Undershirt UP, MI. There are absolutely no defects on those tires after about 7500 miles of use.

Selling them this AM for $150. Eh, pays for the road hazard warranty on the new ones.


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