Big South Fork and a lost dog rant

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We're currently at the Bandy Creek CG in The Big South Fork National river and Rec area. Nice Forest Service CG with ele and water.
The area is scenic with a few waterfalls around.

The one sad thing about this area is the lack of dog rescues or even an animal shelter. Don't loose or expect to find a place for a stray in or near Oneida TN.
We found a skinny, starving, injured and very scared dog that came out of the woods following the truck looking for help. It was so pathetic so we put it in the bed of the truck and spent the next 3 hours trying to find a place to rescue this poor little thing. We even got threatened by an animal hospital in Oneida, TN if we left it there they would call the police on us. Never have we stumbled upon an area so cold twords a stray hungry hurt scared dog. OK rant over

Anyhow other than that we have enjoyed the area and will move on this Thursday to Cumberland Gap


  1. TucsonJim's Avatar
    What a shame that the folks from that area don't have the heart to take care of their animals. What did you finally do with the poor little doggie?
  2. Justaguy's Avatar
    I hate to hear that. Budgets and cutbacks are here to stay. People in our area were just dropping their dogs off over the fence at the dog pound....so many that they built a taller fence to prevent that.

    Nice pics tho....the waterfall pic looks like a postcard.
  3. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    It is a shame that no one cared enough to help. We left it in a safe spot with enclosed fencing so it wouldn't get hit by a car. We did what we could to save the little thing, being on the road and having 3 of our own with us we really had no other options other than to let it wander to starve of get hit by a car.

    Thanks Just a guy, the falls are Cumberland falls in southern KY.
  4. Dave and Monica's Avatar
    Nice photos Marcy.

    We stayed at Big South Fork in 2009 at Bandy Creek and Blue Heron campgrounds. There was a nice, young shepherd mix dog that had been abandoned at the Blue Heron CG while we were there that was obviously in distress. We ended up taking it to a vet in Oneida thinking that we'd adopt it and paid to have an exam and x-ray done. It turned to have perforations in the bowels and it was recommended that it be euthanized. The vet helped out with reducing the costs but said abandoned dogs were a big problem in the area.

  5. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Thanks Dave. Thing haven't changed much in Oneida since 2009. We have since seen several stays and the one person who actually returned our call told us how bad the stay issue is.

    So far Oneida is the one city we have traveled through that has totally turned me off. Today we went to the laundromat there, I had started my first load and then found the majority of the machines either did not work or were filthy inside the machine. Found 2 more that worked and were clean seeing as I had to wait for the first load. It was nasty enough that we took our wet clothes and drove all the way to Jamestown to dry in the laundromat there. If anyone reading this needs to wash clothes while in this area...go to Jamestown. They have a beautiful clean laundromat with machines that work


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