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First Year

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The first year with our Reflection certainly seemed to go by very quickly. It was a year ago this weekend that we went our for our maiden voyage. A year ago it was 80 degrees, not 45 with high winds, thank goodness! Sadly our Reflection is now winterized and at the storage unit.

We traveled to Florida, spent a weekend near Richmond VA, traveled to Ohio for the national ham radio convention in May, made a short trip in Virginia in June/July, traveled through Michigan on our way to the Grand Design rally, and finished the year with a fall trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Overall it was a great year. We spent 112 nights in the camper and traveled about 7450 miles. We are still very happy with our unit.

Molly will travel to more places to swim again next year. She is looking forward to going back to Brohard Paw Park off leash dog beach in Venice Florida in February. She should have a good time at Anchor Down in June, since the lady at the campground said she can swim in the lake!!! She also likes opportunities to visit with people. I have yet to plan other trips for next year.

Hope that everyone else had a good year, and has a good time over the holidays.
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  1. WhittleBurner's Avatar
    Our year is approaching soon too. Mid Jan is ours. We managed to put on several thousand miles towing even with getting the late start we did. So far so good. A few minor glitches but overall the trailer has been fantastic!!
    Next year we'll do the trip that got cancelled this year and head west, with the addition of sneaking into Canada from Glacier and head to Jasper National Park. We're thinking 3 to 4 Months out meandering about
    on the road. .The camera will get a huge work out.

    You 2 have a great Christmas and New-year. Maybe we'll see you at the next rally (we'll add that to the trip as we head home) . We'll be well on our way west so won't make it to Anchor Down in June.

    Give Molly a treat and a big belly rub for us!!
  2. 2hams's Avatar
    Gary and Marcy - Glad to hear you are as happy with your rig as we are with ours. Your trip west sounds great. I have yet to plan anything beyond Anchor Down in June, but hope to get to Glacier this year or next.

    You also have a great holiday.

    Molly says thanks for the treat and belly rub.
  3. TucsonJim's Avatar
    We're going to hit Glacier this summer too. Probably in early July. I haven't been there in 20 years, so my memory of the park is a little dim.

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