Being a complete newbie to the RV world, I must say after seeing a Grand Design Momentum 355th, nothing else comes close. While on our maiden voyage to Sturgis this year, I was awe struck at the amount of people who were pulling toy haulers. We actually checked out several while in Rapid City, and I was amazed at how far the RV industry has come over the years. Also, there were many at the camp ground where I was staying as well, and some of them looked so nice on the outside.

Well, a few weekends ago me and my friend went out on a Sunday to check some of these toy haulers out. The first place we stopped had several haulers to look at and the salesmen was very nice and showed us everything they had. However, none of them really jumped out and said pick me, pick me.

Therefore, we decided to see if one more place was still open it was 4:45 when we pulled into a Lifestyle RVs in Grain Valley, MO, and the gait was still open. As I was pulling in I noticed this very easy on the eyes fifth wheel toy hauler front and center. We pull up to the door of the office and they were open till 5 p.m. Me and my friend were greeted by a nice lady at the front desk who directed us to a nice gentleman, (Nat Donaldson) who took us out to look at the Momentum 355th that was so prominently displayed with pride.

A quick walk around the outside showed the attention to detail that was put into the exterior and it was gleaming. The color and graphics are spot on. I really liked the fact that it only had 2 heavy duty axles rather than the usual 3 axle set ups. Being a truck driver from years past, tri axle set ups are hard on tires, suspension bushings, and they turn hard. I liked the H rated tires that are more of a commercial tire as well. The frameless windows and ladder to the roof were nice too. Other items that I liked are the HUGE basement, room in the generator compartment for extra batteries, the heated compartment for the water and flush hook ups, and the rear deck feature. Then we took a stroll to the inside, the tall entry doors are nice. Upon walking in I was blown away by the amazing features, color choices of the interior. This Momentum was screaming pick me, pick me. Then he told me what the price was and I swallowed hard, and thought I will never be able to afford this. Anyway, Nate told us all about the features and we were there till about 5:15. Nate was very nice and gave us his card and said come back if we needed to take another look or to see the other RVs and he would be happy to help us. He was never pushy or tried to sell us anything.
This past weekend, we went on a Journey to Columbia, MO to Look at some trucks and check out another RV dealer. The experience at the Ram Dealer in Columbia was a nightmare, (I DEPLORE big city auto dealers). I am so thankful that when I purchased my last Jeep it was from a small town dealer in 2011, the only problem is selection, which is why we went to the big dealer. When I purchase a new truck it will be from the person I purchased my Jeep from which was ordered, and the truck will be ordered as well with no hassle. After getting out of the auto dealer we went to the RV dealer, which only had 1 used fifth wheel toy hauler a 2011 Raptor. After looking at it I was disappointed and let down, so we left and headed for Lifestyle RVs in Grain Valley. Ole Nate, (who isn't old) was there and this time he took us to see all the RVs we wanted to look at. We checked out 2 Solitudes and a host of other toy haulers, which none really impressed with the exception of the Solitudes. Then we ultimately wound up back at the Momentum which was still there and we were able to really investigate the whole trailer. Nat told us more about it and the more he told us the more we were impressed by it. I asked again what the price was and this time the price was much more palatable. If I was ready that day I would have brought it home. Long story short one day I hope to be pulling a Grand Design fifth wheel home, everything else I have looked at pales in comparison.