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Thread: Brakes

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    I have had my Solitude 369RL for one year and am going to get a state inspection and the bearings packed. I was wondering if I should tell them to check brake adjustments or is this something they do when inspecting the trailer. I saw on the forum that we do not have self adjusting brakes. Is this regular maintenance and how often should it be done?

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    Re: Brakes

    Chris, you could have a garage do it but it's really simple. If you lift your camper up on your hydraulics just short of lifting trailer I don't recommend that since I was a firefighter. Jack the wheel just off the ground and spin it. If you feel a slight resistance your fine or a little tight. Behind the wheel on the hub is a soft rubber plug should be round but rectangle in shape. There is a star wheel just inside turn that until you feel it getting harder to spin. Spin your wheel should feel a drag or no movement. Bach the star back off until the tire just spins free. You can have someone go and push the brake in the truck hooked up to the camper if you want to see it he brake action. Most don't do that. Really your just tightening up the pads to the drum contact. Real simple. YouTube has videos as well. I have no idea what it cost. Hope this helps

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