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Thread: 323BHS

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    New to fifth wheel purchasing so have some questions. Towing with a 2013 GMC 2500 HD SB Diesel 4x4. Need some feedback on the following dealer email. Any input would be appreciated pricing, generators, hitch, etc. What are we missing? We are buying the bunkhouse because we are a family of 5.

    Dealer Email: The best option for a slider hitch that mounts under the bed, is the 16K pull rite superglide. It's an automatic slider, meaning you do not have to get out of the truck to slide it back. It's also one of the only hitches that will give you a completely flush truck bed when removed. The only negative is the weight, but all options for sliders that are removable(without rails in bed) are just as heavy. It will cost $2550 installed.

    You will likely want a 7 way plug in your truck bed too, it runs $165 installed

    As far as generators go, you will need at least one 2000 watt to keep your batteries charged. If you want to run the a/c and microwave while dry camping, you will need two of these generators. They connect together to run in series giving you 4000 watts.
    These generators are $1150 each, plus $100 for the parallel connection.

    Firestone airbags are the ones you want for your truck. With a dual compressor included, the total install, bags and compressors is $1010.

    New breakdowns with all accessories......

    Reflection 42,500
    2 generators 2400
    Pull rite hitch 2550
    Plug in bed 165
    Airbags 1010
    Dealer handling 399
    Sales tax 3921

    Total OTD 52,945
    5000 down, 15 yr loan is 379 per month.
    4.99% rate
    (Based on 8% taxes, yours could be a little less, or more once I enter your address)

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    Re: 323BHS

    Welcome to the forum Bjohnson!

    We have the Pullrite Superglide and paid a little over $400 less for it and the install by our dealer. Do you have the seven point plug already on your truck? If so, why would you need it in the bed, yes, those are nice, but you can still use the one down by the bumper.

    What type camping are you going to be doing? If you are going to be boon docking, then the generators are a must. I'm old and I had enough boon docking in Vietnam, if it don't have electric and water, we don't go there ;D

    The $399 sounds about right for Dealer handling and I don't care who you are, you can't get out of the sales tax.

    I don't have air bags on my truck and don't need them, but from what I understand the Firestone are the way to go. I know some of the guys here on the forum use them and maybe they will give you their opinions on the price you have been quoted.

    Good luck with your purchase and you are going to love your Grand Design!


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    Re: 323BHS

    You can also purchase a 3000W generator and it will run one A/C and provide power to the outlets. We have a Honda 3000 inverter. It works fine for us. On those rare occasions when we are using A/C we have to shut it off for a couple of minutes if we're using the microwave. We usually only run the generator when we need power such as when making coffee or watching TV.

    As for charging the batteries. We use 200W solar panels and leave them connected all day. By the time it's dark, the batteries are recharged. It really saves wear and tear on the generator.

    I have a manual sliding hitch, but I've never really used it. My current FW turns just fine, and the new Reflection will have an even better turning radius than my current rig. I do like the fact that I can slide it when needed for tight turns while backing up if necessary.

    I agree with the 7-way connector. I've always ran the cable over the tailgate to the one on the bumper. It works fine.

    For the airbags, I'd wait. If the truck is sitting level and handling well without them, don't spend the money. However, if it's squatting too low in the back, and your headlights are out of adjustment, then it's a good investment. Firestone bags seem to be the most popular.

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    Re: 323BHS

    We don't have a generator, but then again, we don't dry camp. Like Steve and Cill, if there isn't electric, we don't go there. We haven't noticed a need for air bags, but our 303RLS is a bit lighter than the 323BHS. We have been about 1000 miles so far. We have a long bed truck and different hitch, which cost us around $500 installed 6 yrs ago.

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    Re: 323BHS

    Thank you for the replies from everyone! Any input on the price they are quoting on the coach?

    Thank you for the info on the hitch. Looks like I can work on them a little more on that pricing.

    Also, thanks for the info on the generator(s). We won't be doing much dry camping but it could come in useful if we are pulling over with kids to eat lunch etc.

    I agree on the 7 way to the bumper instead of another one in the bed.

    My max hitch weight is 3000lbs so not sure if airbags are needed but really do want a level truck.

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    Re: 323BHS

    That pricing is not bad.

    I would be about the same on the Reflection itself, generally a bit less on the "add ons".

    I would highly recommend getting the plug in bed installed. You may not "need" it, but it is nice to keep the cord from potential damage from the tailgate, or vice versa. You can buy the custom harness and do it yourself also. I've done several for people in my driveway.

    The Superglide is a great hitch. It is probably the sliding hitch we install the most, and still made in the USA. It will actually come out in 3 pieces, so it isn't quite as heavy to remove.
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    Re: 323BHS

    You can use the 7 way plug in by the bumper...I installed one in the bed as I found that the cable was scuffing the paint on the tailgate.

    Are you saying the your maximum payload (from the door post label) is 3000 lbs? That number is payload with a 150 lb driver, full fuel tank and nothing more. No passengers, gear, dealer added options like step bars, tonneau covers, 5th hitch. The actual payload capacity will be substantially less with the truck loaded, ready to camp. I'd say that the air bags are an necessity, though you don't have to go with a system that includes an on-board compressor. You won't have a level truck without them as that camper's pin weight which will probably be 2300 - 2400 lbs loaded.

    The generators are expensive to buy...wouldn't be looking at them at all unless you're definitely committed to camping without hook-ups.

    Its difficult to comment on dealer pricing...its got to be a deal that you're satisfied with. Getting prices from other dealers should help you to decide what's good or poor.

    Good luck in your search...

    Dave and Monica - Gore Bay, Ontario
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