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    Carefree Travel'r Electric Awning Motor Repair

    I found this on another RV manufacture's owner's forum. Thought it would be good information to share here.

    Going with the electric awning was the biggest decision in my Solitude order (speaks to how nice of a 5ver GD makes). Never been a fan of them. Especially since I plan a keeping my Solitude a long time and that awning motor would eventually wear out. A friend of mine had to replace his awning motor after a year and half and cost $450 for parts and labor. When I found this info, it helped with the decision to go with the electric awning vs. a manual.

    The cheapest replacement motor specific for the Carefree awning I found online was over $200. Come to find out that the Carefree Travelír motor is the right door power window lift motor from a 1996 Buick Regal 2 door. At OíReilly Auto Parts, a new one is $64.99 (Part #42-126) and a remanufactured one is $34.99 (Part #82-126). This is for the motor and gearbox assembly. Itís the same motor for either the fixed pitch or adjustable pitch awnings.

    So if youíre handy with tools and your motor dies, this will save you a few hundred dollars in exchange for a little hard work over a weekend. On the other forum, they didnít list any ďhow toĒ instructions for changing the motor, so if someone here ends up having to replace their motor (knock on wood), they can add some tips to this post.
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    window lift motor

    While on our return trip home home from Nova Scotia my wife went to open the awning and nothing happened. We had no signs of any issues with it. After we got home I went through everything checking fusses and the switch making sure that was not the problem then got on line and started doing research. That's when I ran across this article and thought what the heck, I might just try this.

    Removing the motor was pretty much straight forward, I manually opened the awning about a foot using a battery drill and I believe a 7/16 socket then used 2 long zip ties to keep the awning from opening any ore once the motor was removed. 6 screws hold on the back of the plastic cover. After that was removed there were 2 machine screws that secure the front. Unplug the wires then 3 bolts hold the motor in place. Got online and started looking up 1996 Buick Regal window lift motor. Found one at Advance Auto part number 82326 $43.49 with discount for on line order and tax total was $34.58 for a new one with a limited lifetime replacement. Took the old motor with me and went to pick up the new one.

    Here's the difference, the new motor does not have the nut to raise or lower the the awning manually and you have to make a short wiring harness to make the connection. I did keep the old motor so if I was ever caught with the awning extended I can swap out the motor and manually retract it. For the price and the replacement I figured I'd give it a shot. Reverse everything to reinstall and so far so good.
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