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Thread: Disc Brake System - Hydraulics

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    Disc Brake System - Hydraulics

    Attached is information on how I installed the EoH (Electric over Hydraulic) Titan actuator and hydraulic brake lines for the hydraulic disc brake system that I installed on my 2015 Reflection 303RLS. This is the “other half of the story” that goes with the the Wiring information posted earlier.

    The kit that I installed came from Bill Halasyn (813-363-4685) is an excellent resource for any questions about this system or its installation.

    The basics of the installation are an actuator located in the front compartment, a single brake line down one frame rail to the axle area, a drop hose to a tee on each axle and hoses to each caliper. There has been much discussion/concern about the cross axle hose to the caliper on the other side and some have chosen to route brake lines down both frame rails with hose drops to each caliper to avoid this cross axle hose. In my opinion, this hose, properly fastened across the back side of the axle tube is very well protected. From the tee on the axle, the hose to one caliper is 18” long and to the other caliper is 72” long. If there is a side-to-side brake apply time difference because of this, it would be a fraction of a second and is not significant in a trailer braking application.

    For the metal line from the actuator to the axles, I chose not to use the large coil of brake line supplied with the kit. Instead, I used three pre-made straight lengths of brake line from a local auto parts store and two additional connectors. This divided brake line forming into smaller, more manageable sections and avoided the “left over” coil that remains under the trailer if the one piece coil is used. I chose to run the brake line down the side of the frame rail rather than under the frame rail as is done by many installers. This keeps the line away from potential future damage by floor jacks or axle stands and means that the coroplast can be dropped without any removal of brake system attachments.

    Bleeding the system is really quite easy but is not well covered in the documentation with the kit. I have included a step-by-step description of this part of the project.

    Since this system is one hydraulic circuit, severing it anywhere would mean loss of the entire trailer braking system (which has happened to at least one member of this forum). It occurs to me that having a spare plug and connector piece would allow part of the system to be isolated and the rest to remain functional in an emergency. The line to one caliper or to one axle could be plugged with one or the other of these pieces and the balance of the braking system restored.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Disc Brake Hydraulics - Rob Farrow.pdf  
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