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    We drove home from Little Rock and when we got home one of our windows on the "drivers side" was shattered and gone. Has anyone had to replace glass in their Momentum? If so about how much did it cost? We have had our Momentum for 3 months but apparently it's not a "warranty" item so it's an out of pocket or RV Insurance Claim item. Thanks

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    We finally got a response on our window from the dealer that is doing the repair. Apparently there are no windows in stock and they have to make one for it. This window is one of the "escape" windows and the cost to repair is going to be just over $1100. Really annoying since most likely a large truck threw a rock into it and shattered it on the drive home. Now we're going to be without the RV for who knows how long waiting on a window to be manufactured, shipped and installed.

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    I drove to beatrice Neb . For a race last week and noticed that my windows in the FL of my 379 had opened up. I found a place to pull over and close the last little bit of drive? Also I noticed the day I dropped my trade off to the dealer the same windows were open about 2 in on both sides? Just thought the dealer had opened them. I don't know now wonder if the closing mechanism can be tightened up. When I closed them I didn't get a warm and fuzzy about them staying closed. I may try to tighten the closing mechanism on the handle. When I was looking for a place to pull over I could see the stress on the top of the window from wind getting under it,I wonder if this didn't happen to you and just blew out? Hope we find out . I think it's the closing mechanism opening by pressure getting under.

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