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Thread: Is 9300 miles too much for a shake down trip!???

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    Is 9300 miles too much for a shake down trip!???

    Just kidding (maybe). We were notified by our salesman today the our Reflection is due to be delivered to Tucson on the 23rd with PDI and pick up a couple of days after that. We've been planning a retirement trip for quite a while and we purchased the new 337RLS so we'd be be comfortable.

    Due to some commitments to family and friends, we're going to have to hit the road pretty soon. Right now, we're planning on picking up the Reflection and doing a 200 mile shake down trip. We've saved a few weeks in case there are any corrections needed. But, after reading the this forum, we're feeling pretty confident that we'll have few if any issues pop up. Sooo. If the RV delivery is delayed too much, our shakedown might be the 9300 mile trip!

    We're heading west to California, north to Oregon, East to Maine, South to Alabama and then west to home in Arizona. Our intial thoughts are 4 months for this trip. If all works well, Alaska next year. Our states visited map will grow quite a bit.
    Jim and Ginnie - Tucson Arizona
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    Re: Is 9300 miles too much for a shake down trip!???

    WOW! Now that's a shakedown trip.

    Jim, you should think about doing a blog of this trip over on the new forum. That way we all can keep up with your "shakedown"

    BTW: I noticed that you are listed as a "Registered Guest" on the new forum. Let Chris now so he can change that to give you full access to all the functions there.

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    Re: Is 9300 miles too much for a shake down trip!???

    Great trip!! It's only to many miles if you want it to be. We'll be doing a couple short shakedowns before we head out on our trip. Haven't finished routing but I don't think it'll be 9300 miles.
    But figure it to be about 3 months.
    Marcy & Gary
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    Re: Is 9300 miles too much for a shake down trip!???

    Sure hope you get a shorter check it out trip! It sounds like a great trip though. We did a two day shakedown just 15 miles from home. We just completed 34 nights and 1902 camper miles on a trip to Florida. I guess the combination of Grand Design QA process and the dealer checks did good by us. We had to restring a shade (which was no big deal since we had string from our previous camper) where a screw had gone through the string. We had one stove issue, which we were able to fix (the tube on the high output burner wasn't seated fully). That was scary, but certainly a supplier not manufacturer issue.

    Just for future reference, we made it about two weeks before getting some cruds on the sensors in the black tank, to be forever more 1/3 full

    We did get the brackets mounted that hold the fiberglass push up pole and a wire antenna mounted. We are debating where to run the coax for radio connections inside. It will either be in the slide for the upper left cabinet by the TV or through the floor into the end table (probably where the wires come for the elec outlet) also by the TV. Thought you might appreciate the picture of the current "ham shack" operating from the basement on the recent trip. We will get more ideas as our next long trip will be to the Dayton Hamvention.

    Here is a view of the antenna, set up in Florida

    Kay & Dave - Virginia Beach, VA
    Golden Retriever Molly - Been swimming in 28 states
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    Previous rig: 2014 Reflection 303RLS #314 and 2008 Silverado 2500 D/A

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    Re: Is 9300 miles too much for a shake down trip!???

    Wow, what a road trip. Sounds like a lot of fun to be had.. We are leaving Wednesday on a 4 week, 3800 mile road trip.
    Jim and Kerry
    2014 Solitude 369RL
    2016 Silverado 3500HD

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