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    Red face Windows on ends of dining slide leaking

    We camped in our new rig at the dealership after purchase to check that all is well. It rained all night and I noticed that at the metal seam at the top of the windows there was a small drip that would land on the top of the frame of the lower window. It was coming from the metal seam even though it was caulked. I checked all other windows in the 369 rl and only these 2 were leaking and they were also the only 2 that have this metal seam at the top of the glass. The dealership fixed it by re-caulking and said they ran water over the windows and it did not leak anymore. I guess we will find out on the next rain day...... Please check your small slide windows to verify they are not leaking. Check the tops to see if you have the seam where the metal meets, and watch this the next time it rains. It was a slow leak and you may not notice it right away. Just a warning.

    Happy camping to all. :-)

    Shawn and Jeanette in Florida
    solitude 369rl
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    Thanks for the heads up....I'll keep my eye out when we're camping in the next rainstorm. We actually had a "monsoon" on our last camping trip, and I didn't notice anything, but it could have leaked slowly and dried up before I'd have notice it.
    Renee & Bill -- Central Louisiana
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    Could you please post a picture of the window frame seam that you're talking about for reference.

    Dave and Monica - Gore Bay, Ontario
    Vitus the Hungarian Vizsla
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    It depends on the weather and temps, but it might be condensation forming to such a point it drips. It will happen especially with metallic frames or anchors in the frames of the windows. Did you notice any condensation near the bottom of the windows? Were you running the furnace during the night? We noticed the same thing one night during our first trip and we had run the furnace all night. No rain, but lots of condensation.
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    We did not run the a/c nor the furnace. The weather was mild and it was just raining all night and into the next day while we were at the dealership camping. I literally saw the small puddle so I put the blind all the way up and pulled it away from the window top and checked to see where the water was coming from. The glass felt wet but then I saw it, the drip.... So I stood there and waited for it to do it again, and then I went around checking all the other windows. The only other one that was dripping was the window opposite this one in the dining slide.

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