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    Slide out maintenance and care

    So now that I don't trust my dealer at all I am second guessing his advice on caring for our slide outs. Advice given was the gears to the slide need to be greased and he recommended this very running type grease. I am sorry I don't remember the name. He also said the we need to apply a foam protectant to our slide seals and again I don't remember the name of the product. Is this advice correct? Is there certain products you guys recommend? How often does this need to be done? I apologize if this information is in the manual. I left it in the camper that is 2 hours away. I am just trying to figure out what maintenance we need to get done when the weather warms up.

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    I believe the manual says a dry lube. Do not use grease or oil, as it will attract dirt.
    Slide seal care is a very difficult process. (1) Apply Armor All (or similar product) to a rag. (2) Wipe on seals.
    Your "Stealership" is really trying to stick it to you.

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    Here is what the owner's manual states regarding Maintenance:

    Schwintek Slide:

    "Schwintek slide system maintenance
    Check all four (4) gear racks installed on the exterior sidewalls of the slide room for debris (if found, remove debris immediately)."

    Lippert Slides:
    "It is recommended that when operating the Lippert electric slideout system in harsh environments (i.e., road salt, ice buildup, etc.) that the moving parts be kept clean by washing them as needed with mild soap and water. No grease or lubrication is necessary, and in some situations may be detrimental to the environment and long term dependability of the slideout system."

    For the slide seals, the I couldn't find anything in the manual about maintenance of the seal. However, I used Protect All Slide Out Rubber Seal Treatment for the last seven years on my previous seals. They were still new looking and pliable after sitting in the Arizona sun and heat for all that time.

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    Thank you for the information. @Shamu I am starting to think too that our dealer is a "stealership." LOL I had a feeling the dealer was trying to sell us lots of extra junk that may not be needed. I guess I need to get out the manual and look at it more when we get back down to our camper.

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