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    Maidan trip in 379FL for 3 day dry camping

    Well went pretty good had a few issues. The furnace would not kick on during a return from the Track on the sat night.It was cold and I was worried a board or something had went out. I decided to check everything since it had been running for a couple days. I ended up pulling the fuse and it kicked on like it needed reset . It kicked on and off at the walk through and the dealer said it was air in the line. He shut that tank and opened the other it was ok. I'm hoping my furnace problem isn't associated with that problem. I've never had a problem with a furnace before with other campers? After pulling the fuse and replacing it after seeing that it was ok it kicked on and never had another problem. The TV in the bedroom that I thought was popping and had a spring on it. I was wrong the wife always hooks the cable up and she said during setting it up the cable connection just fell out of the back of the TV. Going to need some GD Customer Service warranty help with that one.The other thing was that the screen on the dining table front window is out at the bottom. Haven't done anything with it yet. The Bigfoot on the level up door side middle just about fell off. I arrived at the site and the flat plate was just hanging the nut that holds it on was about backed out of the hydraulic ram. I tightened it up and it seems to be ok but I will watch it I don't know if that is supposed to or can happen or not. The blind on the FL drivers side is crooked it is crooked won't close equally I will need the dealer to look at that. But honestly it was a good trip and just a few issues that can be fixed showed the camper to quite a few folks who loved it. Oh and the back door will open if it's not locked,did it twice. I believe that was just from flex so I lock it now.

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    Glad you had a good trip!

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    Cuttin', sounds like you had a pretty good trip other than a few issues. I'm glad it went well for you.
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    Called warranty about the TV issue. Thumbs up to Ryan of warranty for taking care of me. I'm going to watch the furnace for now,not sure what it was. But Ryan said let him know if he can help me. Thanks Grand Design for taking care of your customers.

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