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    FYI washer/dryer install.

    Installed Splendide washer and dryer in the 369rl today. Just wanted to pass along a few things I learned in the process. When Grand Design states that these units are washer/dryer ready they mean that the hookups are in the general area. To install the washer you have to route the water supply lines inside in wall. I did this by cutting a section out of the left side of the supply pan. Then I used a 2" hole saw to put an outlet hole as close to the wall as I could. This worked pretty well. I was able to insert the drain line into the pipe as I was pushing the machine in and it fit between the machine and the wall. Then I discovered the electric cord won't clear the top of the machine when pushed in. I got an angle replacement plug at Lowes and put it on the cord. Problem solved. While I am at it I wanted to use both sides of the plug only to find that you can only plug into one side. I took the plug out and found that all the works were in the plug but the holes for the prongs were closed. I took a small screwdriver and knocked the plastic out of these holes and reinstalled the outlet. The dryer outlet is the same. I installed the angle plug on this cord as well. The only other thing I found was the dryer vent pipe didn't line up with the center line marked by Grand Design. I made a template for mine and found it was about 1/2" lower than was marked on the wall. Be sure you measure this before you drill.
    Hope this is of some help to someone in the future. Allen
    Allen and Sandi-Lexington, KY
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    Hi Allen and Sandi

    Sorry for the difficulties your experienced installing your washer and dryer. I will forward this post to Marc Hauser, our Solitude and Momentum GM. Hopefully, we can do some things on our end to simplify the installation process.

    Thanks and happy travels


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    Bill, I posted a tread a month ago about my dealers problems getting my washer/dryer installed. They had to leave the backside of the door handle off. They also had to take the front of the closet off to get it in. He also said the vent to the outside hose is only about an inch. It still moves around in there may have them take another look but he said it was a bear to get in. I recommended that the closet be a little bigger and instead of a door knob maybe just a handle on the outside and clip to keep it closed. Making it a bit bigger would be the best choice. Thanks

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