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    Shower storage on 303

    We will be taking possession of our new Reflection 303RLS in a couple of weeks. What type of solutions do other owners have for shower storage? Can the shower head handle a shower caddy and, if not, what are you doing instead? Thanks in advance for the tips!

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    Two bottles of body wash will fit on the top shelf. When traveling, these go in the little wastebasket with the shampoo under the sink. We used this in our previous camper. We also have a plastic bin under the sink that holds stuff. It took some arranging, but figured out a good way to arrange stuff in the curved cabinet over the sink. We have a bathroom glass that serves as a toothbrush holder when we are parked. That and toothpaste with a stand up cap sit behind the sink.

    I got tired of fighting with hand soap and saved a small dish soap bottle and filled it with hand soap. (Dawn dish liquid is blue so you know the orange is Dial hand soap.) No more fighting to close the hand soap!

    I don't trust any bottle, so keep all soaps, shampoo, and cleaning supplies in a plastic bin or pail. This saved me a couple of cleanups.
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    Welcome to the forum excellentadventure and congratulations on your new Reflection!

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    We use a plastic container under the sink too, but I never bother trying to close the pump on the bottle of soap and have not had any soapy messes.
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