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    receiver hitch on 379 FL

    Has anyone put receiver hitch on this rv? I have Sea Doo trailer thinking about pulling.

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    I've thought about doing the same thing with my sea doo. But the 379 is so long that I'm worried about the overall length.

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    The pwc trailer is not much weight wonder if fifth wheel could handle it. You are right it will be long.

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    43ft is pretty big and I have discussed this with folks on the site. The bumper is only rated at 150lbs not enough for a hitch. A couple folks put heavier bumpers on there rigs. I would think if you could place a hitch to the frame and under the bumper it might work but haven't done any measuring. Plus I heard it will void your frame warranty. But I don't have a problem looking at it down the line. I have a Harley that I would like to trailer down the road.

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    Just remember 65' max length

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    Right, I think after measuring the trailer sticks out 35 ft the rest is on the truck. I think the truck is probably another6 ft which would give you a little room for a trailer but looks like a down the road thing. I have to do it can't leave my harley behind. Going to be doing the snowbird thing probably Florida . Haha

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