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    Hitch Package Choices

    I am just about to order a new GMC 3500 Duramax, crew cab, standard box pickup. My wife and I plan to purchase a Reflection 303rls. There are 3 choices offered when ordering the new pickup with regard to hitch options and I have no idea which, if any, to choose. Is it best to choose one of these, or buy something else after taking delivery?
    The choices are: 1. Hitch Trailering Package (24K Capacity, Fifth Wheel with Standard Legs)
    2. Hitch Trailering Package (20K Capacity, Fifth Wheel with Roller Legs)
    3. Hitch Trailering Package (20K Capacity, Fifth Wheel with Standard Legs)

    All 3 hitches are made by Curt Manufacturing.

    I will want to be able to remove the hitch and use the pickup without it when we are not on the road.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    You could even go with a Curt 16K as it would be sufficient capacity...though I don't think the higher capacity is much more money.

    It looks like the Curt hitches all use universal rails that would be permanent in the truck bed. I think that there are hitches for your new truck that have an under-mount so that the truck is completely clear when the hitch is removed...leaves 4 - 2" something holes in the bed floor. Here's a link to B&W...

    The slider would be extra insurance should you ever need to use it though you probably won't need it 99% of the time.

    Dave and Monica - Gore Bay, Ontario
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    We went with the Pullrite Superglide 15k, which is more than enough and it can be removed by pulling 4 hitch pins. It leaves no holes and the bed is flat. Of course, it takes two people to get it in and out, unless you are are big person with lots of arm strength.
    Mike and Suzanne with Smokey and Bandit
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    Welcome to the forum Ted!

    I looked at the GMC site and all three hitches look as though they use standard rails. If that's the case, you won't be able to remove them to have a flat bed when you are not using your camper.

    Pullrite, B&W, and Reese all have hitches that can be removed that will leave your truck bed usable.


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    Following a short break:
    My wife and I saw the price incentives for the 2015 GMC trucks with the release of the new 2015 models last month. We went to a dealer, crawled around and in a 2014 and 2015 crew cab Denali parked side by side. Although the creature comfort features were the next generation in the 2015, my wife, bless her, suggested saving the money. We picked up a new 2014 Denali 3500.

    I have looked at the 3 hitch choices recommended on this forum. It appears to me the only one that slides without being released is the Pullrite. I can see myself at night, in the rain, forgetting to get out and perform a maneuver rarely done.


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    I have the B&W Companion hitch for my 2014 Ram 3500. B&W make a unit specifically for the GM line. No rails in truck bed; very reliable USA made product; removable by pulling four pins and turning four handles 90 degrees; leaves the bed clear. Also if you buy the hitch from the GM dealer you will probably pay a lot more for it than if you bought it from aa aftermarket quality hitch dealer (or even on line - the Companion is dead easy to install, as it just drops in place with no truck mods needed).

    The 2015 Chevrolet 3500 is head and shoulders nicer than the 2014 in terms of interior design (I assume GMC follows suit). They now give the Ram some competition in this area. Ford still very utilitarian interior by comparison. Of course these are all just my opinions.

    Good luck with your new rig!


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    I am also looking to get a new 2500HD Silverado and I have done quite a bit of research on the subject. I have decided to go with the ISR Series SuperGlide 18K which is an auto slide hitch. You can get the custom rail package that is completely removable to leave a clean bed. PPL has a good price on this hitch . You will have to have a capture plate also to engage the auto slide. I am not an expert but I do like everything I have read about this hitch. Hope this is helpful as there are allot of choices out there. Just don't take a short cut on a cheap hitch that may make you sorry in the long run. Check out the Pullrite web site also.

    Johnny & Mary
    McDonough, GA 4 Now
    Solitude 369RL

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