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Thread: 337rls after 1 week

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    337rls after 1 week

    I took delivery a couple of weeks ago from tom Schafer in pa .

    They are very nice and helpful .

    I found 3 issues immedility , 1 the king mattress was ripped across the whole one side , they assured me that they would get me a new mattress . I just got a email stating that I will receive a cover for my mattress .

    This is b.s. I would not have taking it if I knew this , they would not have a unit on the sales floor like this .

    2 there were a couple of pieces of trim that we're not painted . ( dealer gave me a bottle of touch up paint )
    3. The graffics on the bedroom slide are bubbled at the seam .

    This is my 3rd fifth wheel and 5th camper , my last coach was a 323p keystone Everest .

    The turning radius is great on this coach , I dint have to move my slider hitch once .
    The ride was also much better than pulling my keystone Everest .

    I stayed in it for 8 days after delivery

    The over all fit and finish is very good .

    They moves the vent away from fan cover , so you can now use any cover .

    The fireplace is great , I barely had to use the heat on those cold nights .

    The coach did not come with sink covers , but the dealer assured us that grand design will send them to us .

    As far as problems / observations we found

    There is a gap in the door frame You can see light coming through it . ( will fill it with silicone )

    The majority of the lights are not led.

    There are map/ reading lights in the bedroom , and on the couch , but not on the love seats were we sit the majority of the time .

    There were loose strings that we had to trim on the carpet and the awning .

    The sensor for the gray tank for the kitchen doesn't work correctly , water was backing up into the sink , and it only read 2/3 full , never full . ( the lights work if you check the battery )

    They give you a remote for the furnace control panel , but they put the panel on the wall facing the door . So you can't see it while seated or in the kitchen to use the remote .

    It is nice that they have a vent fan in the kitchen and bathroom, but nothing in the bedroom ( don't even offer it from the factory even though it's wired ). A second sir is also not offered .
    I already swapped out the 2 fans for vortex 2 units to move more air . And ordered a fantastic fan for the bedroom ( it has a thermostat so you can sleep comfortable . )
    A bedroom fan with a thermostat was the best feature on my Everest , nothing like fresh cool air while your sleeping .

    And installed maxx air coveres for all vents .

    I wish they would have offered a convection microwave option in the reflection line .

    The 12v intertainment only has a DVD player , and not a blueray player .
    It is nice that they have 3 sets of speakers especially the outside ones , but we don't get surround sound in the livingroom .
    As reported by several other people we also blew the fuse for our jacks when we retracted them .

    Also as reported by several other people it is a nuisance that the bedroom door does not open all the way .

    The a/c unit has vents that you can close in the bathroom and bedroom , but fixed ones in the livingroom . Does anyone know the part number for them ?

    I would like to be able to close the vents in the livingroom at night so the bedroom is nice and cool .

    When sitting in the recliners if you look up there is a piece of wood that was not stained ( will take a photo later ) , also when you go to enter the coach you see the bare wood on the underside of the island ,

    They used pan head screws on the trim at the top of the stairs that are sticking up , I already cut my foot on them .
    I will replace with flat head screws .

    Over all I am very happy with it , it is made very good and there are only a few issues that need to be resolved .
    I am moving it to driftstone on the delaware for the summer in pa , and looking forward to many years of enjoyment with it .

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    Here are some photos showing the gap in the door , the unstained wood above the recliners , and the screws in the trim on the stairs .

    Sorry don't know why it rotated the photos .
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails image.jpg   image.jpg   image.jpg  

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    We have that same gap in the door on our reflection 303. I just noticed it last weekend. I am not sure if its been there the whole time or not.

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    Gonna fill it fith silicone or lest the ants will get in

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    Thanks for the reminder on the screws at the top of the stairs. My wife mentioned that they hurt her feet a couple of times. I need to change them to something else.

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    We did our shake down trip this last weekend for three days and most everything went pretty well. This is our first fifth wheel and we are real happy with the quality of the unit. The only real problem we had is they forgot to seal under the shower door trim on the bottom and when I showered the bathroom floor was covered in water. You can see daylight the entire length under the bottom door track. Not a big issue but sure made a mess and had to go back to town for a tube of silicone sealer.
    We also have three light switches under the cabinets by the control center. One works the lights over the island and one works the led over the cabinets by the switches, can't figure the other switch out. Any ideas?
    So far very pleased.
    Chris & Kelly-- Tulsa
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    The third switch should run the fan in the vent above the kitchen, I believe....
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    Huntr70 is correct. The third switch is for the vent in the kitchen. There is a switch on the vent itself. If you have it in the "on" position, then you can control the vent from the switch under the cabinet.

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    We completed our three day shakedown trip with our 337 yesterday - only issue we could come up with is the gap at the bottom of the door - already filled with silicone. We do still have a problem with the end table door popping open during transit - we think we can solve that with a child proof lock so it doesn't pop all the way out. It got down to 33 or 34 on Saturday night and I think our furnance only cycled about 4 times all night - course I like to keep it 62 at night but still - nice insulation. We both sat watching a movie Sunday morning and said how much we like the new trailer - the fit, the quality, the layout, the colors
    Jim and Cecille
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    We haven't noticed any gaps near the door, but will pay closer attention. I wonder if this is a production line issue, I think our trailer came from the 3rd reflection line

    The third switch is for the vent, we put in a remote controlled fantastic vent with rain sensor and at first I thought it wouldn't work until we found the switch.

    If you read in the solitude section, people have had issues with the sink covers taking flight during transport, I cut a cutting board (not wood) and rounded the corners to fit half the sink and it stays in place plus it leave 1/2 the sink open for use all the time.

    I utilized the little pocket behind the bedroom door by putting 2 of the 3m hooks up and hanging light jackets we use the most there.
    Marcy & Gary
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