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    Charging a Dead Trailer Battery with the Truck-How Long?

    I put our unit in storage for a month and came back to a dead battery...ok fine...I thought I would connect the truck (F250 PSD) to the trailer and then after a few minutes I could operate the leveling system to reconnect the trailer. But after 10 minutes I still had no power to the inside of the trailer (e.g. 12V lights in kitchen), and the leveler didn't show any voltage (wouldn't even turn on). The trailer was connected with power as the exterior trailer lights went on once I connected to the running truck.

    I ended up running a long electrical cord to a 110V outlet and then the trailer came to life and I was able to lower the gear and reconnect.

    Here's the question-how long should I have to wait for the tow vehicle to charge the dead battery before I can use the leveler? I will be storing the system often and can't always depend on a 110V outlet nearby.

    I have thought about removing the trailer battery and taking it with me so that I can bring back a fully charged battery.

    Any other options?

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    When I dropped my trailer off for service the techs left two lights on and ran down my battery before I could pick it up. As soon as I connected the trailer to the truck I had full 12v power to raise or lower the landing gear. In a Chevy (which I have) you must connect a couple of wires under the hood to charge (or power) the battery. I don't recall about the Ford. If those are not connected you will still have lights and brakes, but no charge to the trailer battery. A downside is if you stop for a long period of time and forget to disconnect the trailer it will run down your truck battery.
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    Your truck may not have 12V power (for charging) on the 7 way as it needs you to install the proper fuses in the truck's fuse panel. They sometimes have them in a bag in the glovebox. I guess you didn't use the battery disconnect when you put the camper in storage...CO alarm, radio and other will drain the battery quickly.


    EDIT: I believe that you only have power on the charging line on the 7 way when the ignition key is 'On'.
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    OK-thanks to all of you for the ideas...I will investigate and give Ford a call. Never expected the charging line to be open...

    This forum is awesome.

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    So checking everything with meter showed no voltage on the 12V charging line....checked fuse #90 - it was blown - replaced...all is well.

    Thanks to all for the info and advice.

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