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    Having trouble getting my 379 awning to retract

    I seem to be having problems getting my awning to retract without some help. This thing is so big 20 ft is a huge one. Had a little problem at the PDI but just thought it needed some work to loosin up. It hasn't anyone experienced this.

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    I'm having the same issue with my 379. I'm going to take it back to the dealer after vacation. The awning Will also pool up water in the center in the rain. Other than a few small issues we love our Solitude.

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    Same here, going on vacation middle of July then to dealer I believe. Just a few small issues

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    It is just massive. I had a rain pooling issue as well with it kicked down on one end to drain. It lays right on the slide with rain pooling. Don't know what can be done. My main concern is it will not retract withoit help. Like the motor isn't strong enough to close that big thing.

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    Be very careful not to over extend. This happened to me also the first time, then no issues if I stop the extend as soon as the drop down starts to fall. Dealer had warned me of this...

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    I've tried both ways with the same result. I will have the dealer look at it after our vacation.

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    Just for information sake, what is happening. Are you blowing the DC fuse when retracting the awning?

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    When I push the retract button, It tries to retract but stops, then if you pull on the awning frame and help it, it will go ahead and retract.

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    I am having the same issue with the awning on our 379FL. I am very careful to only extend it until the LED lights are showing. I have to help it get started every time.

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    No fuses blowing it's just to much awning for the motors or because of it's size it gets jammed up. It actually happened on our walk thru but thought it was just new but it's done it everytime. When I lowered one side for water runoff it actually lays on the slideout. Hopefully there is a solution but it's not an extending issue. When I help it ,it feels kind of bound up like lifting a heavy sheet that gets jammed . Probably need to send this to tech section for someone to look at.

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