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    Just us 2

    Satellite radio install?

    We have a satellite radio and would like to hook it up to our radio. I have the car 12 volt set up. I know the aux plugs in to the stereo but wondered if the stereo is 12 volt and how hard is it to take apart to get to the power. I'm also a little hesitant to drill a hole in the roof to get the antenna through the top. I think I'll fish it through the slide until I can figure it out or get it to the dealer. I just don't want to cause water leaks in my roof.

    I hate drilling holes in anything but if this trailer is as nice as we think, we'll keep it for awhile. We really like sitting outside with the radio playing and the sat radio is great. Hope all of this makes sense.

    Just us 2

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    Just us 2,

    I installed the Sirius XM Onyx into our 303. I installed it into the top left cabinet next to the main stereo. I first bought a 120v adapter to use instead of the 12v. I ran the audio out cable through the pre-drilled hole located to the rear of that compartment and then to the main stereo. I use Velcro to hold down the little flat antenna and it works perfectly fine. I can't agree with you more, Sirius is awesome when you are on the road. Let me know if you need anything else!

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    Just us 2
    We have the Delphi Skyfi 3and the antenna is about the size of a large watch. On our 293RES our stereo is in the rear so it stays. What did you do to get the antenna out side or does it? There is 110 outlet available but it's the first thing on and the last thing off that's the why on 12 volt. I'm trying to get the antenna out side.

    At home, the TV is always on and in the trailer, the first thing on is the radio. Maybe that's why we like camping.

    Just us 2

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    I actually don't have it outside. It sits inside the cabinet and works great!

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