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    Tires and Brakes!

    Okay, so I knew these Chinese tires were going to be trouble (not really)! I was under my trailer this weekend adjusting the brakes (the wrong way I might add), and noticed a spot about the size of a quarter on the inside of the tire on the drivers side rear axle. I touched it and it was spongy. It looked like it was an injection point for the sidewalls. I had another tire that looked similar to that and it became a slow leak. I had the dealer look at it today (as they're under the trailer anyways working on a creak in the floor), and he identified the problem...Silicone. I think that last time they had the under belly off and put it back together that someone hit it with the silicone gun they use to seal the under belly! LMAO! Crisis averted! Cheap Chinese tires 1...Chris 0.

    That said, I did adjust the brakes over the weekend (6K miles), and funny enough, I adjusted the the wrong way. Re-reading the instructions (yes, I did actually read them the first time), I saw what I did wrong. You're supposed to tighten them until they STOP, not just make rubby noises. I figured this out when I was trying to back my slider hitch up, and the brakes wouldn't lock up. Sigh. We're heading out this weekend and I need brakes. At least now I know that I need to flip the wheel down...not up. Up is much easier to do though. Thank God for Exhaust Brakes and big TRUCK brake rotors!

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    Chris - can we talk for a second on the creak in the floor - ours in as you walk into the bedroom - an actual risen up place in the floor - think it wasn't tacked down completely at that location. What was found on yours?

    Larry & Mollie
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