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    Questions on a new Grand Design 368RD

    We just bought a 2014 Grand Design Solitude 368RD. Although we aren't new to RV's I have a couple questions about this one.
    1. We don't see a place to shut off the pantry light. Is there a switch somewhere?
    2. The blue backlight to the stereo seems to always be on, even when the stereo is turned off. Is there a way to shut off all lighting when it isn't being used?
    3. When filling the fresh water tank is there an overflow somewhere that lets you know your tank is full?

    We have looked in the manual and can't find these answers anywhere.

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    1. On our 369, the pantry light switch is next to the one that operates the puck lights over the stove area.
    2. Backlight on the stereo is always on. No way to turn off as far as I know.
    3. Don't know, sorry.
    Andy & Julie
    Gig Harbor, Wa
    2014 Solitude 369RL S/N 104
    2012 F350 SWR 4x4 CC 6.7 Diesel

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    Welcome to the forum tporter and congratulations on your Solitude!


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    Hi tporter and welcome to the forums. Grats on the 368!
    The first GD RV we saw was the 368RD. That one had the rear dining booth. Such a neat floor plan. Did you get the dining booth or the table/chair option?

    As far as pantry lighting, look near the fridge. Our 305 has the pantry light underneath the cabinet over the counter-top space between the stove and fridge. (the 305's setup is Pantry, Stove, Countertop, Fridge) If I remember right, the 368's pantry and fridge are on the opposite wall as the stove, so I'm thinking that there's got to be a switch on that wall... possibly under the cabinets over the theater seating.

    Our stereo's back light remains on, I've not discovered a way to turn it off, either.

    As far as fresh water tank, hopefully someone who knows will answer this for you. We do not usually camp with a full tank. If you do not hear from someone who makes use of the fresh water tank, try sending GDRV Customer Service (Janice) a message. She will know or will put you in contact with someone who can answer your question. You can also post that question in the Manufacturer's Section GD people read that section regularly.
    Renee & Bill -- Central Louisiana
    2014 Solitude 305RE #404
    2007 F250

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    Thank you for your help. We bought the one with the dining booth. We found the pantry light switch above the reclining chair closest to the refrigerator.

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    An update on the water tank question I asked. The overflow on the Solitude is located behind the rear tires on the drivers side.

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    We have owned the 368RD for just a month and love it! That being said we have it back in shop already with a few problems, i.e. screen door sticks, wall outlet in bedroom comes off and a "recall" on a Norcold refrigerator part. We were told during sale we might be able to swap out the recliners on the refrigerator side for couch/bed, only to find out it is really costly to do it after the sale, so we will just stay with 5 recliners.

    * Bluelight on stereo is always on.
    * When filling your "fresh water" tank - check the gauge lights on the stairs above the closet. when you have all 4 red lights on the fresh is full.

    my wife and I are new to this and the biggest challenge has been hitching up and releasing - but we are getting it down, slowly but surely.

    Anyone else have a refrigerator problem also?
    Bruce & Betty Taylor
    2014 Solitude 368RD with rear table
    Ford F-250 with after installed airbags

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