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    LED exterior fire

    Hi All. First, we love our 369rl, and have traveled several thousand miles with it, and wintered in Florida with it. Just wanted to let other owners know about a problem we had with the front white LED strip. We were in Florida and on New Years Eve, left the white led on the front cap on. There was a misting type rain, and we left it on overnight. The next morning, I found that the led had completely burned to char and ash, and left a large amount of soot on the front cap. The soot washed off with some scrubbing, but the skin behind the light was compromised. It was still under warranty, and we sent an email to General RV right away. Upon return in April, we took it back to General for that an other warranty work. It took a couple of months to get everything done, but it was completely covered. The dealer service people said that they had never seen that type of problem, and that Grand Design had told them the same thing. Hopefully it was a freak thing, but something to keep an eye on.
    Mike and Marsha

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    Mike and Marsha........believe it or not when my husband and I went to an RV rally in April we were parked next to a Trilogy with the LED lights around the front as well. We came back from one of the seminars and my husband and I were having lunch and he looked out and said...."I have a stupid question....was the back of that Trilogy burned like that when the pulled in". I looked out and the whole front was charred. Apprarantly the LED lights caught fire and put themselves out (fortunately) but it really damaged the camper. Here is a picture of it. The couple took it in, and the issue is not the manufacturer of the is a defect in the manufacturer making the light strips. They had the camper repaired and did not have to pay for any repairs, but it is scarey. I believe they were actually lobbying to have these on recall because it is not the first incident. It is not something, I believe, confined to one RV manufacturer. Let's just hope future models aren't being made with the defective lights.
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    We have a similar issue, no fire but the LED lights on the front cap melted after only having them on for a short time, left an unsightly plastic mess that we can’t remove, the dealership and GD offered to replace the lights but didn’t clean up the mess! We are stuck with this beautiful 375RES Fifth wheel with the deluxe paint job and no one from GD or dealership will help us fix the mess.
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