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    Just us 2

    Grey tank is black tank ???

    We were on our first road trip of 4 nights and 5 days. There is 10 of us with campers of some sorts and everyone had to check ours out. Brand new both rig and company. Well as luck goes we're bragging on our great new camper and how great it is and showing it off to all who wants to see. So Sunday we are taking showers and I go to brush my teeth and the sink is backing up. I go down and look at the light bar, it's full, go out pull the lever and nothing, no water flow. I go back in and the lights say full.

    Monday morning we called the dealer they told me it was ok to cut into the plastic undercover to get to the valve to see if the cable was broke. It rained all night and was sprinkling and the rocks were big and hard. The dealer said to see if there was a local mobile repair , so I asked the park ranger cruising through. He wanted to help, then the camp host came down to help , one of my buddies is a contractor, he wanted to help. Next thing I know we had a lot of help. They took the sink apart and we stuffed a hose down to empty the tank, the CH crawled under and said the pins pull out sometimes and thought it might of been the case.

    Blacker clouds are rolling in and it looks like a storm is coming, it still is sprinkling. It's getting late , we have to leave, things are getting wet. I start stuffing stuff into the basement, just stuffing. I go and pull the black tank and ran a lot of water in the galley tank to help flush, clean the tube and away we go. When we got home the slides wouldn't slide out and we had no 12volt.

    On Monday when I was talking to the dealer, they told me to bring it in in the morning at 8 and they would look at it. 8 o'clock and I'm on their doorstep. The tech talked to me about all the trouble I was having. Two hours later with a lot of feedback along the way( are you ready) the labels were on the wrong cable pulls. The black tank was labeled Grey and the #1 Grey was labeled Black. The power panel didn't work so I was unable to see the full lights had gone off. As for the electrical problem, remember I stuffed everything in the basement. This unit has a cut off switch, I must of hit it.

    Not all is good but I was well taken care of over a simple issue. The dealer was full of repairs and couldn't get the other problems fixed at this time but did make me feel good about buying from them. One of our friends bought from CW and are not happy the way they where treated.

    So far we really like our new 293RES Reflection.

    Just us 2

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    Just us 2, I had to smile about your story, sorry about the problems, but you guys will talk about this adventure many, many times around the campfire. It's all about making memories.


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    Funny what a couple of swapped stickers can do

    I noticed the type of cutoff switch that used on some RV and how easy it is to turn off.

    Personally I prefer this type
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	battery-switch-2.jpeg 
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    over this type
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	battery-switch-3.jpeg 
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    especially when it's exposed.

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    funny you should mention the labels were mis-placed, during our PDI, I actually tested the grey/black, by filling the tanks and then dumping them, to make sure they flushed without leakage but now I will add "labeling," also.

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    oh I just read what I posted, and I filled tanks with fresh water haha, it did seem off if you read it.

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