Just got back from our first outing which consisted of 7 days dry camping then 15 days with hookups. The only appliance we didn't use was the furnace but everything else worked great. Even tried using the Kantleak system to add water using the on board pump. Slow but it does work. We were loaded up pretty good with full water on the way to our dry camping, outboard motor, generator and fishing gear in the basement, an inflatable with gas cans for boat and generator in the back of the truck plus all the usual stuff. Also a good selection of tools because you never know on a first trip but fortunately, I only needed a couple of them. No interference problems with the 235/80R16's and it towed great in the mountains and over some roads that really need some work after last winter. No problems and we only found three things to deal with. 1. The bedroom door doesn't latch. The striker plate is too high for the latch to engage. I'll have to move the plate. 2. The screws attaching the brackets on the hide a bed pulled out from the wall. With them only screwed into the wall panel with no anchors, I don't know why anyone would think they would stay attached. Anyone know of some good anchors I could use? Other than stopping the couch from sliding forward and possibly interfering with the slides, I don't really see any point in them. 3. A cut edge on a piece of trim wasn't stained. Has anyone matched this stain yet? I can't see hauling it all the way to the dealer so will probably deal with them myself.

So far, we are pretty pleased with this thing.