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Thread: Marks on floor

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    Marks on floor

    On the "living room slide" side there are two distinctive dark marks where the slide rests on the floor when extending and retracting. Checking revealed two black plastic pads that look like guides of some sort to balance the slide when retracting on the underside of the slide attached to the plywood sub floor.

    My dealer suggests replacing the floor. Being that the floor is first down on the assembly line that sounds extreme to me and I know I will always see minor errors of that repair.

    My question would be is that correct, and is anyone else experiencing this problem.
    Dave & and; Jody
    2014 Solitude 369RL #918
    2012 Chevy 2500 Duramax SRW

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    Capen's Cottage
    Hi Dave and Jody,
    We have some of the same issues. In our case the ski on the back portion of the living room slide had made marks and then broke part way back leaving a piece of the ski on the inside. The ski's are there to help guide the slide in without tearing up the carpet and floor. I had new ski's sent to me but am going to have to have a dealer put them in. I looked at them from both the inside and outside trying to see if I could get the remainder of the broken ski off but found that it is always resting on the ski which won't allow me to remove or replace it. One dealer in Bismarck, ND told me they have to raise the slide room in order to get to the ski - not sure how but seems reasonable. Unfortunately they couldn't get me in till the middle of Sept. so will try the dealer here in Rapid City, SD to see if they can help.

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