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    Norcold 1210 problem

    I have to take back my post from a couple of weeks ago that we've had no problem with our refrigerator. Yesterday started noticing a decline in cooling, with ice cream really soft. We defrosted the freezer and put only two trays for ice cubes in there. This morning refrigerator portion is reading at 41 degrees, fin temp at 42 degrees...not cold enough for safety. Luckily I have a fridge at my disposal to move stuff over to, but was hoping someone might have a few ideas of what to look at. Our serial number is not in the recall range. We went from keeping it at level 4 so we wouldn't freeze the fruit and eggs to barely cold enough at level 9. No difference using either electric or LP. Would be grateful for any suggestions. We are really out in the boonies of Wyoming.

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    Could be a vapor lock in the tubing.

    Try turning the refer off for a couple hours (if possible using the other refer)

    Let everything settle down, then restart.
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    Our fridge was not cooling because it was not installed in accordance with the Norcold installation instructions so maybe its the same with yours although, I would have expected that to occur from the beginning. Pull off the upper exhaust port on the outside of your trailer and compare the installation with the specifications on pages 12 & 13 in the Norcold installation manual. Art01764 (NOT Art 01787) is the correct image for the fridge installation in the slide-out. Pay particular attention to the exploded view which shows baffle #26 to end within 1/4" from the bottom corner of the condenser baffle to allow the heat to dissipate in order for the fridge to cool properly. Specifically check the baffle #26 and #13 which were missing in my trailer.

    If your fridge is installed correctly, then check to see if the 2 electrical fans are running to help dissipate the heat. If the fans are not running, it could be because the thermister (a heat switch) failed or the inline fuse blew (if there is one) that controls the fans to ensure it dispels the heat out the exhaust vent.

    Even just removing the upper exhaust panel will help to increase the air ventilation which may help the fridge cool a bit better. If necessary, you can use an external fan to blow through the bottom exhaust port to gel dispel the heat to cool the fridge until you get it repaired.

    I would call Grand Design and or Norcold as necessary. If its in warranty or its installed incorrectly, call Grand Design as they are a great company to deal with and I am sure they will correct any manufacturing defect.

    Let me know if that helps or if you dot understand what I wrote. I tried to be clear as possible.
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    Update: we tried turning it off for 24 hours and then turned it back on. Fin temp still got no colder than 35-40 degree range. Called a mobile tech in who did some tests, and replaced the thermistor...he is a Norcold authorized repar so he has to follow the steps required. We turned it back on, it looked like it was going to work, got the fin temp down to 28 degrees and then it headed back up again. We'll be calling him in the morning to get the warranty process started. Thank goodness our employer has a fridge we can use or we'd really be back to the days of living out of coolers :-(.

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