In looking at our side door out of the garage, I noticed that the bottom does not appear to close and seal fully, and that the top door seal appeared damaged. Upon further inspection, the door hydraulic closer was installed incorrectly (upside down) and was dragging on the top of the seal every time the door was opened which has damaged the seal which will have to be replaced.

I corrected the closer myself so it would do no further damage or break. The sad thing is I ran by the dealer to see how it should be installed, and their 380 on the lot was ALSO installed incorrectly, so no telling how many have been delivered wrong. Having to haul the rig to the dealer is a pain since we're full-timers. We thought we'd done a thorough PDI, but still keep running into plenty of fit / finish issues I would not have expected - but I probably had more faith in the "quality" narrative than I should have. Caveat Emptor still applies.