Heads up for any Canadians not aware of USA Immigration issues. Canadians are NOT allowed to work in any capacity in the USA and that includes volunteer work; i.e. presenting a paper, leading a seminar, doing admin work. Volunteer groups like "Habitat For Humanity" and others have to get special permits to allow Canadian volunteers in to the USA which I doubt this Rally would qualify . USA Immigration considers someone volunteering as taking a "job" away from an American. I Know it doesn't make sense, but that's what I was once told by a USA Border Agent who was friendly enough to tell me he didn't hear me when I first told him I was presenting a paper at a conference (as a volunteer). He let me through, when I repeated the reason for my visit (clearly enough for him to hear me); "I was attending a conference".

I strongly suggest that all Canadians tell the USA Border Agents (if asked) that you are going on vacation to Middlebury, Indiana. And if the Agent wants details, tell them you will be attending the Grand Design RV Rally. Do not tell the USA Border Agents you are volunteering or (shudder) working at the Rally as you run the risk of being prevented access to the USA and missing the Rally.

FYI, the same immigration rules apply to Work Kamping.

Drive safe. Hope to see my fellow Canadians at the Rally!