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Thread: what 4 stage converter to buy?

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    what 4 stage converter to buy?

    Hi all:
    One of my spring time projects this year will be to upgrade my WFCO (factory) converter/charger with a better unit. I run 2 12v batteries and want faster recharge with better long term battery life. I am running regular lead acid flooded cell deep cycle batteries (group 29's for a little more capacity but still fit in the group 27 boxes in my unit), not $900 battleborn lithiums, etc. I am looking at going from the "factory 55amp" to something beefier and also with reliable 4 stage charging. So... I don't want to spend an absolute fortune so manufactures like Xantrex and Magnum are OUT. It seems like cost wise I am finding the following:

    -Iota DLS-75 with outboard IQ4 smart charge controller cheapest (under $150)
    -Boondocker/Powermax 1275 (Under $200)
    -Progressive Dynamics 9270 ( $225ish)
    -Iota DLS-75 with internal IQ$ (Under $250)

    Is any one better then another? Anyone with personal experience on them? Am I opening myself up to a "what truck brand or tire is better" thread? I am tempted to go with the cheapest option (DLS-75 with outboard IQ4) but could certainly be talked out of it with decent backing info...

    Thanks in Advance
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    I switched to a PD9260C with the 14.8 volt option for my 6 volt batteries. One nice thing about PD is the remote pendent. It shows you what the charger is doing and lets you manually change the charge voltage.
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    I agree on the Progressive Dynamics. I upgraded our pickup camper converter years ago. It made a world of difference on the batteries and their quality of life. The 4 stage system really helps the batteries.

    Shop around. There are sales once in a while.
    I see Camping World has them for $244.62 now.

    I don't know what the difference is. PD9270V or PD9270C.
    Link to 9270C Your Price: $187.50
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