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    HVAC issues and multiple quality control issues

    My wife and I recently purchased a Grand Design Reflection 323 BHS. I conducted extensive research before making a purchase and ultimately decided on Grand design due to your reputation and commitment to quality. Unfortunately, our experience so far has been a nightmare. We set up our trailer permanently at the beach in Emerald Isle NC.

    Our issues so far are 1. the shower leaks in multiple places 2. the kitchen sink leaks 3. the outdoor kitchen door is warped and doesn't close flush 4. the pullout couch broke the first time we used it 5. the door to the bunk house and the door to the pantry would not close properly and last and most important, 6. the A/C either does not work properly or is completely undersized for the unit.

    I made arrangements through the dealership for warranty work and Carteret RV came out. They have calked the shower twice, but it keeps leaking in new places. They fixed the sink so it no longer leaks, the pullout couch was fixed, the bunk room door and the pantry door were fixed. They also made the outdoor kitchen door so that it can close and lock but it is still warped and sticks out a good half inch at the bottom.

    The air is the most important issue. Carteret RV tested the air and said the air it is blowing is cold enough. The problem is that it doesn't translate to a cool trailer. I have played around with opening and closing air vents, and we bought fans to help circulate the air. We still sit in the trailer and sweat regardless of time of day or outside temperature. Last night we went into the trailer when the outside temp was 75-80. It was hotter in the trailer than outside. I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed it was so hot in there, I began sweating as if I was working out. I went to bed and it was so warm, I had to have a fan blowing on me in order to fall to sleep.

    I truly believe there is something wrong with the A/C units or the ducts or it is undersized for the unit. You can hardly feel any air at all blowing out of the vents despite opening/closing various vents. Our previous older trailer could freeze you out if you let the air run. This unit runs all day and all night, and I still sit in it and sweat. Our electric bill has almost doubled. I just can't believe Grand Design would over look such an important item in a fifth wheel with a $58,000 MSRP. It's hard to enjoy such a beautiful luxurious unit when all you can think about is how hot it is. I don't think I should have to spend $1200 or so to add another ac unit to the bedroom on such an expensive trailer. I tried to go through the website to talk to someone, and received a some what rude "contact the dealer... not our problem response".

    Has anyone else had an issue with the A/C not cooling their unit? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I was also disappointed with the air cooling down the trailer. Our 303 does a decent job unless there is direct sunlight on the trailer. I attribute it to the three slides having insufficient insulation to handle that sun. In late July I spent a week at a lakeside campground with no shade. The outside temp was in the 90° range. The a/c was okay at night but only began to cool down the trailer after the sun was off of it. When the direct sun got back on it it could not keep up. It ran continuously. I plan on being very choosy on my camp sites from now on and will probably add a 2d a/c unit. Sorry about your other problems. Mine was number 9 made in August 2013 (I believe) and it has been pretty trouble free.
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    My older travel trailer could freeze us out even when it was 95 degrees out....I just can't believe they cut corners like this on such an expensive model. We have had a lot of friends from the campground in ours and everyone has said that something is not right. There are plenty of trailers bigger than ours and they don't have this issue. I also forgot to mention the unit drips water/condensation down when it is running. Our other unit did not do this, I am not sure if this is an issue or not....

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    Maverick - my 337 had very poor cooling too. But after talking to JD in customer service, it was determined that there was a baffle in the A/C that had moved. This allowed cool air to immediately enter the return side and the A/C was not cooling at all. When it was 105 outside, the rig was over 95 inside at the end of the day. Unless the dealer does some more diggin and extensive testing, the unit will appear to function properly.

    If the baffle has moved on yours, it's a very easy fix, and you should be able to repair it yourself. After I fixed mine, it appears to be holding the temperature very well, even in pretty warm temperatures and humidity. Here's a link to previous posts with pictures included.


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    maverick3517, I would say if it is dripping on the inside of the 5er it's a problem. If your talking about it running down the outside I would say it is not. Anytime there is high humidity outside it will condense on the cooler coil and drip out. They all do this, Home window units, home central air units automotive units. Also, the RV dealer can only tell if the unit is cooling as it is designed, they do this by taking the air temperature at the intake and again at the outlet. If I recall correctly, the difference should be about 12* between the intake and output. Hope this is a help to you as to how they are designed to work. All the above mentioned units are measured the same.
    Hope your problems are soon solved so you can fully enjoy your new rig. If you feel the dealer is not doing enough, call service ay Grand Design, they will do all they can to help you.

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    On our 337, the rear portion of the air has an opening vent. Push a tab in the middle to the side to close that vent. It then will push more air throughout the trailer. On our 1st very short trip we also were hot. After closing that living room vent, it has worked much better.

    We were in Custer, S Dakota and I complained about our air to my brother-in-law who was there with his Cougar. He walked over and closed the vent. Try it and see if it helps any.
    Robert & Sheila, Amarillo, TX
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    We had problems with our A/C not cooling the camper and after about 10 mins it would start dripping water into the camper. Nobody seemed to know what the problem was. My husband noticed that the air filter was too thick to let enough air through. He took it out and the A/c has worked perfect ever since and no more water dripping.

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    Thanks everyone. I tried closing the vents on the unit to blow more air through the vents it doesn't really change anything.
    The water drips inside from the unit vents. They measured the air temperature and it is cold enough. The problem is very little air comes out any of the vents. We have been in it when it's 75 outside and noticeably warmer inside despite the air running constantly.
    I will try removing the filter and check the baffles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maverick3517 View Post
    Thanks everyone. I tried closing the vents on the unit to blow more air through the vents it doesn't really change anything.
    The water drips inside from the unit vents. They measured the air temperature and it is cold enough. The problem is very little air comes out any of the vents. We have been in it when it's 75 outside and noticeably warmer inside despite the air running constantly.
    I will try removing the filter and check the baffles.
    Hi @maverick3517,

    You may want to have your dealer or Atwood look at your air conditioner unit to make sure there are no obstructions in the ducting. Please feel free to contact our Technical Support team at (574) 825-9679 for further assistance.

    Best regards,
    ~ Janice
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    I also had trouble with an internal baffle in the A/C that had come loose in my Solitude. There was water dripping inside it was making a flapping noise as well as it was not cooling well. I had it fixed by an RV mobile mechanic.
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