This will be our first trip to LV with new 5th-we are anxious to try out the second air conditioner. Has anyone stayed in the Oasis RV Park? We've driven past it before but never stayed. Just curious.
From there we take 395 to Bishop and the Eastern Sierra region. Last year we had quite a shock when we drove 10,000' to our favorite fishing lake (South Lake) only to find a huge, dry gaping hole in the ground! Due to our CA drought LA Power & Water had taken all of our beautiful mountain lake to use in parched Los Angeles.
This year we are staying near Rock Creek Lake and just checked out the web site to see if there are any alerts. We found two- The bears are a real problem; they are coming in to camps to seek out food,which is scarce in their natural habitat due to the drought. We have dealt with bears before but the second alert was a bit harder to take; there will be 30-45 min delays on the only road leading to our next favorite lake,and that is 30-45 min delays both ways. We are feeling a bit jinxed but we refuse to surrender fully. It's still beautiful country and we will just have to be content with Mammoth Lakes and June Lakes. Hopefully they still have some water,and some fish!
Wish we could be with you all at the Rally but we know there is always next year- if this becomes an annual event. We will be thinking about all of you! And we will look forward to reading what everyone has to say.