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    Thermostat in Solitude 369RL

    I'm throwing this out there, we are living in our fifth wheel for the next 8 months while we build our house, Has anyone changes their Dometic CCC2 thermostat to a residential one that has days of the week for more programing?

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    I'm an AC contractor and I don't know of any "out of the box" residential thermostats that would work the dual zone heat and cool on an RV. There may be something out there a little more advanced for RV's but I haven't seen one.

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    It won't work due to the control systems being a different voltage than what is used in a residential setup, residential units are 24v and the CCC2 system is 12v. We are fulltiming and I was looking at doing this myself and everything I found on the internet said it was only possible through some control manipulation through the use of relays and such. I do that kind of work for a living and still didn't want to delve into it!

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    I agree with Kyle. I'm a highly technical person. Used to work on all types of aircraft and systems before starting my own HVAC business and it would be a real PITA to set up a dual zone RV system to work with residential thermostats. Dual zones in a house use 2 thermostats and a zone controller etc. to cool/heat 2 areas independently with one unit. The CCC2 is the opposite. One t-stat controlling 2 units with a remote sensor for one of the units. I love figuring things out but this wouldn't be one of them. To bad Dometic didn't just add it to the functionality of the thermostat design.

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    I looked at my thermostat it has a program mode

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    The CCC2 thermostat has a very basic programming feature. He was looking for something that can do "days of the week" like residential t-stats can. Which would be great for full timing and energy consciousness folks paying for there electric usage but not really an issue for most "normal" RVing.

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