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    Matt Hankins

    Help me be a new Momentum Owner!

    Help me be a new Owner....

    Drove to 5 dealers in Oklahoma today and choice is now between Momentum 385 and Voltage 3950.

    Concern: 385 weight = 15500 + Apx 1375 in fluids (fresh water and fuel) = 16875 with axles rated at 8000 x 2 = 16000?
    Obviously I can drop that by hitch weight of 3700 but I can also add up to 3900 to storage area and I back where I started, Over loaded?

    Voltage triple 7000 axles give me apx 4000# of extra capacity using the same analogy. Should I be concerned? You guys are the only ones out there with a 2 axle design? Blowouts and flats tend to ruin what should be a pleasant camping adventure.

    thx, Matt

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    The GVWR is 19,500 so the trailer should weight this much or less when loaded.

    19,500 - 3,700 on the hitch = 15,800lbs.

    The cargo carrying capapcity is 3,800lbs which is followed by 3 asterisks. The cargo capacity is before fresh water. You should have 2900-3000 left over in cargo capacity after the water is filled.

    I am calculating fluids using these numbers. 112 gallons of water @ 8.32lbs/gallon) 932lbs. There is 60 gallons of fuel @ 6lbs per gallon or 360lbs. I am seeing 1,292lbs of fluids assuming you can actually cram 112 gallons in the fresh water tank.... my boat you could only get between 92-95% of the stated capacity.... but lets assume 100%

    So... going back to your equation.

    15,500 (Dry weight) + 1,292lbs (fluids) + 2868 (3800 cargo capacity before fresh water - 932 fresh water) = 19,660 (over weight so you should pull 160lbs of cargo off) - 3,700 hitch weight = 40lbs to spare :-) or 200lbs once you pull off the cargo making you overweight.

    I am not sure what the GVWR of the 3950 is as they do not list it but I would think that not exceeding the GVWR of the trailer and not putting more of the hitch than your truck can take would be the most important items.

    You may want to chat with GD customer service for more info :-)

    I hope this helps a little.

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    Matt Hankins
    Appreciate the feedback...

    The V3950 data below from what I can determine from the Voltage site.

    Gross Cargo is not noted that way on the Voltage site, but I will assume cargo is before fresh water...
    I am calculating fluids using the same numbers. 114 gallons of water @ 8.32lbs/gallon) 948lbs. There is 60 gallons of fuel @ 6lbs per gallon or 360lbs. I am seeing 1,308lbs of fluids

    15622 (Dry weight) + 1308 (fluids) + 3430 (4378 cargo capacity assuming it's before fresh water - 948 fresh water) = 20360 - 3,281 hitch weight = 17080 (3921+lbs to spare w/axles @ 3X7000) . Apx 3000lbs to spare if I add the fresh water back in that I assumed was part of the cargo number.

    I'll see if I can find a GD phone number for the factory and give them a call next week. Just seems like they cut everything really close. Love the Momentum design, layout, fit and finish, just hung up of the Axles...

    Thanks again for your input...

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    Matt, I'm not sure I'm reading your post correctly on the V3950, but I assume that "Gross Cargo" you are discussing is the GCWR. GCWR is the maximum weight the trailer can legally weigh without over-loading.

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    Matt Hankins
    maybe I used the wrong word... Cargo capacity in the 12' box is 4378

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    Matt I can completely understand where you are coming from.... I would rather have more capacity/capability than just enough. Seems like if you did not end up using your fresh water rather a city water connection yet you had filled grey and black tanks to some level that you would actually exceed the axle capacity. I have got to think that GD account for this in a way we are not thinking about. I hope GD can get you the answers you require.

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