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    Unhappy Water pump won't shut off after low flow use

    Does anyone know if there is a check valve between the fresh water tank and the pump? We have an issue where if we run water at a faucet reduced rate (half open) for only 10-20 seconds, then pump will come on but will not shut off unless I go back and turn the faucet on full until air sputter out and the pump cycles faster and then it will finally shut off.

    If I turn a faucet on all the way for the same 10-20 seconds, it will shut off fine. The same happens with the toilet if we only flush a little water down instead of holding down to fill the tank.

    My suspicion is there is a leaking intake pipe or check valve?

    Anyone else have the same issue or ideas?

    Our 323 is only a month old and the dealer is over 2 hours away so I am hoping I might be able to take care of this myself.

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    We've had no issue , I'm not 100 % on this but I think I recall reading there is a check valve behind the soap dish in the shower. Someone more sure will likely chime in soon
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    Pwrplay...give GD Customer Service a call and they'll help troubleshoot the issue with you.

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    Ok so problem solved . replaced the factory installed Flojet with a Shurflo Revolution 4008 and problem is resolved. This pump is much quieter than the Flojet. It sounded like a jack hammer before. I was going to try an accumulator, but this pump doesn't need one due to its By-Pass valve, so it doesn't cycle, it just continuously runs.I'll be calling Grand design to cover the pump under warranty, Dean at their customer service dept. already said they would.

    Also there is no check valve between the pump and the tank. I dropped the under belly cover to take a look. What a disaster under there..Sheesh!! Wires are hanging everywhere, nothing is tied or strapped. The heating ducting (dryer vent hose) for the "heated fresh water tank" was squished between a frame rail and the flooring. So no heat was making it the fresh water tank. (Good thing we don't winter camp or else our water would freeze LOL). One of the nuts for the tank level sensors was loose and would have come off in no time giving false readings.

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